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  2. Il est important d'être conscient que le statut de stagiaire n'existe pas réellement pour les étrangers dans la plupart des provinces de Chine.

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Offre Stage Stage communication Pekin dans l'énergie

Discussion dans 'Stage & Emploi en Chine [Annonces]' créé par ael, 2 Jan 2014.

  1. ael

    ael Nouveau Membre

    2 Jan 2014
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    Internship description


    We have developed with the help of a programmer a Mobile application which aims to do the following tasks:

    - Updated of database of nuclear suppliers in China

    - Updated of Database of nuclear power plant in China

    - Updated of Nuclear dictionary English/Chinese

    - Add News of event in China

    - Perhaps a newletters, to be confirm

    - Update info, work closely with the programmer

    The application is currently on a beta version, but need to E-market online. Develop an E-marketing through Linkedin, nuclear association all over the world such as UK, USA, Japan, Canada, Finland, France, etc…

    Prepare a pdf presentation of the application, market in China through nuclear conference, exhibition.


    PROJECT Nuclear Event

    We are preparing a new conference at Beijing during May 2014 about nuclear topics. Visit www.nuclearevent.com for more info

    - Updated the website

    - Prepare invitation

    - Prepare a pdf presentation

    - Prospecting call to foreign companies

    - Prepare a brochure of the event

    - Booking of conference room

    - Hire translators

    - Attending the event

    - Animate the event

    - Get feedback from the participant

    The event will be the first in China to do with the related topic in nuclear.


    We are representing the GIIN, which is the French nuclear industry association. We are mainly involved in organizing exhibition and seminar.

    We also provide some basic information about the nuclear industry in China as well as some lobbying tasks.

    NIC2014 exhibition on 12 April 2014

    Participate to the elaboration of the exhibition

    - Hire some translators

    - Preparation of a cocktail for our members.

    - Get some feedback forms from our members

    - Welcome the French delegation

    Participate with the French Embassy to some lobbying tasks.

    Networking event

    Participate to other networking event in Beijing

    Create a dedicated networking event in Beijing about energy that includes wind, solar, thermal, hydro, nuclear, etc….

    Possibility in case of success to have a financial share of the profit.

    - Promote the networking event

    - Book a hotel room or bars

    - Prepare a lottery

    - Animate the event

    The date is not set it down, brainstorming needed.


    The intern will interview some CEO or manager of French companies based in China as well as Chinese high-level manager about their profile, business in China.

    The interviews will be published on the website of the Young French Nuclear Society.


    Good communication and writing skills


    Notion of Chinese

    Familiar with basic IT tools

    Notion in website design

    Well organized

    Interest in the field of industry and in particularly shows interest of the nuclear power


    Unpaid internship, in case of business trip, fees are reimbursed

    Start up ambiance

    Flexible hours in order to avoid traffic hours in Beijing

    Start ASAP


    Thomas XU

    0086 13522599377



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