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Sport for Life. Tout vos sport favoris avec des coach professionnel à Shanghai

Discussion dans 'Business en Chine : Annonces' créé par sportforlife1, 28 Juin 2011.

  1. sportforlife1

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    28 Juin 2011
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    Sport for life est une société crée en 2004 à Shanghai spécialisé dans le sport pour expats. Cour collectifs ou individuel enfant et adulte. Ci-dessous les informations de notre camp d'été pour enfants ainsi que tout les contacts de l'entreprise. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter.

    Sport for Life Summer Camps

    Our mixed sports/art camps offer a mixture ok sports, arts and team games, and are led by our team of international instructors.

    Children swim every day, sports such as soccer, tennis, and basketball will feature prominently, as well as other fun team games.

    The art and craft sessions provide a chance for children to explore their creative side, using a variety of materials with witch to experiment!

    Drama and games includes a range of activities giving children opportunities to find new way of expressing themselves and learning how to work with others in group. Activities are selected based on the ages of children, facilities and the weather, and are held indoors and outdoors accordingly.

    Summer camp dates: 10 weeks from 20th June to August 26th

    Age Arrive/Depart Cost/wk(RMB)
    4-5 09H00-12H00 1300
    6-14 09H00/12H00 1300
    6-14 09H00/12H00 2000

    Venues: Chateau Pinnacle, Green Hills, Lakeside Ville, The Summit, YK Pao School

    Lunch can be provided for 200 RMB/Week
    15% off for a additional kids from the same family
    50/100 RMB discount for additional weeks

    Our contact : Mail: info@sportforlife.com.cn
    Phone: (21) 6282 1762
    Internet: www.sportforlife.com.cn

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