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En recherche Sourcing/Development/Quality-packaging

Discussion dans 'Stage & Emploi en Chine [Annonces]' créé par seb-QC, 9 Déc 2015.

  1. seb-QC

    seb-QC Membre Bronze

    17 Juin 2010
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    I am looking for some job opportunities in China: especially for packaging industry.

    I spent these last 7 years in Shenzhen working for 2 trading companies, specialized in perfumes, accessories & gifts (primary & secondary packs).
    I achieved skills in Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Reporting & Sourcing, being a reliable link between the factories and huge Luxury companies (Hermès, Bulgari, Chanel, Cartier..).
    Following up closely the development tests, the approved samples & QC range boards, the AQL reports, the EC regulatory affairs (REACH), managed quality issues and their corrective actions. And i did expand the suppliers network (especially for plastic & metal).
    I was challenged to do the request for quotations and « first inquiry » (RFQ), i organized the production/delivery planning (« retro-planning »).
    In 2014, i stepped forward to the project development, overseeing the moulds pre-production debugging, approval and production. I managed a small team (2 engineers, 2 QC controllers & an assistant).
    I did participate to the company booth during trade fairs in 2014.
    My assets:
    -well understanding of the production process as per plastic injection, die casting, metal stamping & lathing, all kind of surface treatment & decoration (electro-plating, UV varnish, spray coating, metallization, hot stamping, pad printing…), dealing also with other materials like paper, sleeves, fabrics, PU & leather for primary & secondary packs, gifts & promotional items.
    -experienced on many kinds of defects and quality issues, their criticality and their root-cause.
    -get used to work with technical drawings and measurement tools.
    -aware of the cultural gap between Asia & Western countries (tactfully).
    -available for business trips all around China.
    -have a bunch of reliable suppliers for primary packaging, gifts & accessories..
    -Not afraid of new challenges!
    If you are interested by my profile, feel free to contact me: banideux@yahoo.fr
    (I will forward to you my complete resume).

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