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SoundScape's Fridays Fusion World Music

Discussion dans 'Musique à Shanghai' créé par rethic2, 31 Mai 2012.

  1. rethic2

    rethic2 Membre Silver

    20 Mar 2008
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    Et voila c'est reparti ! :afro:

    SoundScape Friday world Music in YinYang...

    This Friday YinYang will host an other SoundScape World Music night. Join us and relax in YinYang for a nice evening! SoundScape will propose a new combination of world music instruments and each time a new guest.

    Featuring SoundScape: each time a different combination

    About SoundScape:
    Soundscape Collective is a gathering of musicians bound together by passion for ethnic music. Soundscape is organic, profound and gritty but is not attached to the confines of tradition. Born in the setting of metropolitan Shanghai where the fast pace of life, constant push for efficiency and productivity results in loss of appreciation of the present moment and loss of empathy for fellow human beings. Soundscape collective tries to revive those simple and fundamental elements of life by paying tribute to the cultures of yore. Connection with earth, with inner self, with life around and dwelling in the present are prevalent qualities in music of old cultures and Soundscape pays their humble homage to those. Soundscape is an oasis with an organic emotional and tender approach to life and music. The force of the present moment dictates its lines and shapes and draws the map and route which is followed by the musicians during their sessions.


    Free entrance !anim_ukliam

    YIN YANG NIGHT_fridays.jpg

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