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SOLDES! Jing'an: 1 ch. dispo de suite pour 1 ou 2 mois, maintenant: 2500/mois

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Immobilier et Colocations à Shanghai' créé par shanghaiyou, 3 Juil 2014.

  1. shanghaiyou

    shanghaiyou Membre Bronze

    8 Mar 2011
    Our roommate left and we are looking for a new person. The room is available now and you can stay for 1 month or 2, as you need.
    Appt has everything:internet, phone, ayi (3 times a week), TV (world cup is on!), aircond, DVD player, etc...
    We are just at the crossing of Xinzha road and Yanping road. 6 min walk from metro station Jing'an (lines 2 and 7) and 10 minutes walk from metro Changping (line 7). We have many bars, restaurants, shops right down the building.
    Rent is 3500 RMB. One month deposit.
    As it is top urgent to find someone month is 2500 RMB. You can move in Saturday!
  2. Guillaume

    Guillaume Guest

    I'd like to rent this room just for August, is that possible?
    You can contact me on weixin: 15618967941
  3. Spenss

    Spenss Membre Silver

    21 Mai 2008
  4. Elise D.

    Elise D. Nouveau Membre

    4 Juil 2014
    I'm very interested by your offer ; I would probably like to rent your room.
    Can I visit it on next Tuesday and move in in Wednesday if it fits my expectations?
    It would be for one month for sure, and perhaps for two months.
    My email address : elise.duboiss[at]gmail[dot]com

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