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Software Engineer / Project manager / PMO and other opportunities - Shanghai

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par tourbef, 19 Jan 2013.

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  1. tourbef

    tourbef Nouveau Membre

    9 Nov 2012
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    /!\ JE VIS A SHANGHAI /!\
    /!\ I LIVE IN SHANGHAI /!\

    Bonjour SHANGHAI !

    Ce message s'adresse à:
    • Recruteurs de tous horizons, tout domaine d'activité, pour tout type d'emploi
    • Chefs d'entreprise
    • Headhunter et autre talent seekers
    • Toute personne enclin à me donner un coup de pouce quel qu'il soit (à charge de revanche bien évidemment !)
    • A tout autre curieux

    D'avance, merci !

    Jonathan COLLAS
    CHINE: +86 186 2128 0907
    FRANCE: +33 6 82 19 67 00
    skype: jonathan.collas

    As I am looking for an opportunity in Shanghai, I would like to invite your to consult, consider and share these information:

    Resume: http://goo.gl/YUxRE
    PREZI: http://goo.gl/PnuOT
    LinkedIN Profile: http://lnkd.in/4ssYpj
    Professional project:

    As Engineer, I have always wanted to grow inside an international and innovative structure. As a Human Being, to work in a team with whom I share values is fundamental.
    I have worked almost three years (interns included) as a Software Engineer (C/C++/C#/.Net), Vice Project Manager (ISO 9001) and IT Project ManagementSupport (web and javascript) and I took on my extra time to act two years as an Internal Communication Consultant for an IT outsourcing company (negotiationfor partnerships with risk management and reporting, community management of a professional social network, communication plan, strategy and activities). Thanks to this personal involvement, I had the privilege to have an overview of the communication area in a firm (B2B & B2C), to understand several marketing concepts, to prove my ability to balance multiple priorities and to develop my rigor as I pay Str0ng attention to detail.

    As I am eager to learn several, a career in Shanghai would bring me the prospect:
    - to take responsibilities quickly in a creative and fast-growing environment,
    - to work on international issues: it matters a lot to me!
    - to enjoy an unseen and innovative framework where Str0ng team spirit, and intellectual mobility is considered.

    NOTE: I speak French (native), English (Fluent), Spanish (Professional), basics of Arabic/Maltese, and I have just started to learn Chinese as I am very willing to learn this language.

    Short term: I want to be a cross-functional role between engineering, project management and business development with high technical, operational and QCD(Quality Cost Delivery) issues, that is, with a variety of teams in a multicultural environment and international prospects. Plus, learning Chinese would add a new intellectual element, which is an additional driving force to me.

    Long run: Once I would have cut one's teeth, I will do my best to integrate the head business direction in order to be a key role in international business strategies. To me, a great Director, as well as helping to ensure great products on time and on budget considering market impact, should be able to listen, understand, and take decisions assuming responsibilities. This would perfectly fit in a common professional project.

    Why Shanghai: Considering my international experience (4 months in Ireland, 3 in Malta, 6 in Canada), it is obvious to me to go abroad. Shanghai is the ideal experience I can have regarding all the following criteria

    1. The values:

      • Work work work.. - I am a hard worker and this is a value I share with your culture, and I want to evolve this way: not possible in France.
      • Humbleness - You are aware that European people mostly suffer of a lack of modesty. I feel closer to you culture, but I still want to reduce this gap.
      • Strength of trust - China trusts its acts and decisions. This is what brought China at its position. I want to cultivate this value as well.
    1. China is future: Every sensible person knows that, China is the very next leader of international market in a globalization context. Chinese best practices, like Intellectual Property Protection, Methodology, and fast growing evolving level of management and operational competencies, are another driving force to success.
    2. Shanghai, a next-generation home: 2nd largest city in China in terms of population and one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world can only give you responsibilities without stopping INNOVATION limits and OPPORTUNITIES. This is the difference between Shanghai and Paris. And this is this culture I want to grow with.
    3. Mandarin: I have always loved to learn languages, I speak French, English, Spanish, a bit of Maltese (Arabic) and I've started to learn Chinese as it is both the key of success, but also the only way to discover the city, the culture and the work deep inside.

    As I am sure I have the required skills to fit this role, I will be very available for a phone call, an interview, or any kind of meeting that would suit for you.

    I would like to thank your for your time, your help and your consideration. I wish you a very happy new year, may 2013 be a fruitful year for you and your kin !

    Best regards,

    Jonathan Collas
    #1 tourbef, 19 Jan 2013
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