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Short term shared flat on Xizang Nan Lu (very cheap) 1850 RMB / Month

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Immobilier et Colocations à Shanghai' créé par Pileps01, 21 Mai 2011.

  1. Pileps01

    Pileps01 Apprenti

    13 Fev 2011

    I will soon leave my room June 4, 2011, a shared apartment (on the 14th floor) with 4 people. With an Moroccan, Korean and Belgian girl

    The apartment is located near Xintiandi (Xizang Nan Road)

    Brief Description of the apartment:

    - 4 bedrooms
    - 1 bathroom (shared) and 1 bathroom (master bedroom)
    - 1 large kitchen
    - TV / washing machine / air conditioning ...
    - 3 roommates (girls), one Korean, Marrocan and Belgian girl, who speak English, work (internship) in Shanghai. They are all nice

    I will tell you the truth my room is quite small (see picture) but the BIG ADVANTAGE is that :

    - located on a less than 5 minutes from line 4/8 (Xizang Nan Road Station)
    - SHORT TERM ACCEPTED (I lived in this room for only 2 months), you can even stay for 1 month if you want.

    so this is some picture of the apartment :

    Contact me on my e-mail: mluang@hotmail.com
    or pilepspaypal@yahoo.fr
    or call: 18717956593

    See you soon.

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    #1 Pileps01, 21 Mai 2011
    Dernière édition: 22 Mai 2011
  2. Futsu

    Futsu Apprenti

    17 Mai 2011

    I am very interesed in your room. I am in Shanghai and I need to stay for 3 months.
    Only one question? Internet?
    You can contact me 3bpartners@gmail.com
    Thanks a lot,
  3. Pileps01

    Pileps01 Apprenti

    13 Fev 2011
    Yes , there is the internet , it's just for 50 RMB / month

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