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Shared apartment near Nanjing xi lu subwaystation for 2800/month!

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Immobilier et Colocations à Shanghai' créé par Mettlerfreund, 12 Juin 2013.

  1. Mettlerfreund

    Mettlerfreund Apprenti

    12 Juin 2013
    image (3).jpg This place is available from Wednesday the 26th of June
    The rent is 2800RMB per month and any duration of stay is possible.
    This apartment is a large shared Apartment on the 17th floor. The room-mates are currently from all over the World, speak fluent English, French, German and other Languages. In total, we are 5 people living here.
    This room shares a bathroom with three other rooms. There is another bathroom in the master-bedroom. There is also a kitchen with two gaspowered cooking places.
    The location is within walking distance to everything you can think of and two underground-trainstations are very close: West Nanjing rd. (line2)and Hanzhong rd. (line 1). The room has a really big working desk, a shelf, wardrobe, chair, mirror, air conditioner queen-sized bed (2 people fit in there without problems) and a nightstand. We also have a shared rag for drying cloths. I will leave you clean bedsheets and a plant. If you Need more: the IKEA is only 35 min away by the undergroundtrain from Hanzhong rd.
    There is a healhtclub just opposite the apartment and a very big and nice park one block down to the North.
    There are several guards in front of the building who guard this house at night.
    I´d be very happy, if you could tell me soon you are interested. I started searching another roommate a little too late! Thanks

    Falls Jemand Probleme mit dem Englischen hat, kann ich auch auf Deutsch schreiben ;) image (5).jpg image (4).jpg image (1).jpg image.jpg
    #1 Mettlerfreund, 12 Juin 2013
    Dernière édition: 13 Juin 2013

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