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Shanghai, expats et Noel... Moment "intime"

Discussion dans 'Shanghai Pratique' créé par - Résistons -, 15 Déc 2014.

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    30 Août 2014
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    C est la période, beaucoup d entre nous allons avoir l'opportunité de célébrer Noel en Famille dans leur pays d'origine, d autres non et encore certains iront au soleil... Revue d effectifs par le shanghaidaily dans un premier temps et si vous le souhaitez par Bonjour Chine dans une second sur ce sujet... et vous? Noel? C est "quoi"? C est "ou"? C est "comment"? ...

    "Twinkling lights, decorated Christmas trees and bustling markets with arrays of festive gifts. Christmas is not a holiday in China, but the spirit of the season still touches many of the city’s more than 170,000 foreign residents. Even some younger Chinese have joined in festivities by giving gifts to friends and family. Shanghai Daily reporters Yang Jian, Hu Min and Ma Yue talked to several foreign résidents to discover how they are going to spend their Christmas this year."

    • "In France: Joyeux Noel!

      Celine Chanut, a Frenchwoman who has been living in Shanghai for more than four years, said she prefers going home for Christmas to celebrate a traditional holiday with family. It’s like Spring Festival, she said — a time of family reunions and good food.

      But a trip home isn’t always possible. Last year, she spent Christmas in Shanghai, with French and Chinese friends.

      They had a dinner of chicken stuffed with pork, herbs and red dates. The guests exchanged small gifts, such as chocolates.

      Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without French cheeses, added Chanut.

      Although holiday-themed markets in Shanghai are gaining popularity among young people in Shanghai, she hasn’t visited any.

      "They sound a bit too commercial to me,” said Chanut, who works in Shanghai as a consultant on cross cultural communications.

      "I think some Chinese enjoy Christmas because it’s an opportunity to celebrate life, to share time with family and friends and to enjoy store sales,” she said.

      "Every opportunity to enjoy life in a country where people work so hard is good, and experiencing other cultures can be fun,” Chanut said."

    La suite: http://shanghaidaily.com/metro/ente...aditions-shining-bright-in-city/shdaily.shtml

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