Service Apart, 5500RMB fees All-in, Free Gym



Membre Bronze
06 Jan 2010

My friend will be leaving his apartment very soon and his apartment will be free for rent.

Some good points of this apartment:

*******The access is free to the hotel gym center.*****

******** No Agency Fees **************************

******** No extra charges, fees of water, electricity, wifi are already included in the rent*******

This service apartment is located 10 minutes from TianZiFang, 5 minutes from metro line 9 Dapu Qiao station, in the district of XuJiaHui.

The apartment is 45m2 have one bedroom and one bathroom. THERE IS NOT a real kitchen in this apartment, however there is kitchen corner with induction cooker to make the simple meals.

The apartment is full-furnished with refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, TV, bureau, landline phone, balcony, canape couch etc.

It is very convenient for the life as there are many commercial shops around such as, supermarket, Cityshop, fresh fruit and vegetable market, cafe shops, Mcdonald, chinese and foreign restaurants etc. Making your life easy and comfortable. They can easily order the food delivery within half an hour.

During the daytime, the apartment get the full-day sunshine until the 6pm. As services, the service staff come twice a week to clean the room and change the towels. For any other issues, hotel service hotline is 24h/day, 7days/week for the free service, you can always find people to help you for any problems just by a simple call from the room.

The rental is 5500 rmb / month (including fees of the water, electricity and wifi ). The minimal rental period is 3 months.

AGAIN: The access is free to the hotel gym center inside the service appartment area so just 5 minutes to your room!!!

if you are interested, please contact me at 13524285321


room 2.jpg room 3.jpg room 5 - 副本.jpg room 7 - 副本.jpg kitchen1.jpg bathroom 1.jpg bathroom 2.jpg timg 1.jpg u20-cityshop 1.jpg v30-fruit market 1.jpg 麦当劳1.jpg 田子坊1.jpg 星巴克.jpg
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