seeking for job in the real estate business

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I'm a European student completing my Business master degree in New york city, I speak fluent English, Spanish, French, and have great knowledge of Mandarin and Japanese.

I founded my own consulting group a couple of years ago and I went to Japan (3 months), China (2 months), Vietnam and Thailand studying the Asian Market, doing some market surveys and a big work on the Chinese financial system nd the foreign investments.

I'm looking for an internship or a Job in September in Shanghai in the Real Estate business, knowing the growing demand of expats, of my contacts, and the boom of this market.

I could bring my best to reach targets thanks to my tacit knowledge in Western Consumer behaviour and Marketing.
I'm very flexible, have great communication skills, a very creative mind, and I'm proficient in Ms Office and can adapt easily to domains such as Marketing, communication or finance.

If you are interested, please contact me :