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Search supplier/Manufacturing/Sourcing in Asia

Discussion dans 'Business en Chine : Annonces' créé par eliteglobalbusiness, 25 Avr 2008.

  1. eliteglobalbusiness

    eliteglobalbusiness Membre Bronze

    25 Avr 2008
    Paris, London
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    we are a company based on London and our activity is online business (cameras, Hi-Fi, GMS, toys, clothing, etc).

    We would wish to provide supply in China for obvious economic reasons.

    Within this setting, we seek partners: supplier, manufacturing items referred to above (with in priority the camera equipment).

    We seek also partners of confidence being able to carry out sourcing on these types of items and to manage the sending towards the European Union.

    The partnerships concluded could be forwarded to contracts in order to ensure a safety the two partners.
    Possible compensation according to the performance.

    If you summers interested by this request you can contact us via our e-mail: slacroux@eliteglobalbusiness.com, our MSN: e.g.b@hotmail.fr or skipe: eliteglobalbusiness.

    Thank you to have taken into account our research and has soon!


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