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"Scattered Peace" Private Exhibition by Jp LAM

Discussion dans 'Shanghai Sortir' créé par Ogallery, 27 Déc 2012.

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    22 Oct 2012
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    "Scattered Peace" Private Exhibition by Jp LAM
    RSVP ONLY (see below)
    'Peace as a contradiction' is vivid throughout the extensive collection of Jp Lam; as O.Gallery opens its doorson the Scattered Peace Exhibition this is a clear testament to the statement.

    As a collection the viewer is implored to question their initial thoughts on where and what is peace bothwithin themselves and in some of these intrinsically beautiful pieces of art. Immediately striking you asdeeply peaceful, the artwork within this collection reveals itself slowly as the more time you take to immerseyourself within the individual pieces there is definitely more than meets the eye. Artwork often reflects theinner thoughts of a person, allowing them to see what they want to see, as Jp has found within some ofthese pieces, the true understanding of the artwork may often be seen in retrospect; A piece bought when inlove now resembles the loneliest of artwork. The artwork that once empowered now reflects fragility. Yetthese can all be seen to reflect the peacefulness within the individual. As peace can be sought and found inthe most unusual of places but equally it can also be an illusion created by circumstance. Scattered Peace is ahomage to this feeling. Each piece has a contrasting element that creates a diverse reaction within you;'different states of mind reflected in art'.

    As Jp LAM opens the doors on the exhibition of his collection it is clear that art is a passion that has onlygrown stronger with the years for him and he only collects the pieces that invoke in him a personal interestmaking this collection even more exciting to behold.

    The invitation to explore this world of underlying beauty and peace in the strangest of places is open to you,as O.Gallery exhibits the fascinating collection of Jp LAM on the 24th of January.
    For RSVP, please send us an email at i@o-gallery.cn or call us directly (21) 64373052

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