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Sanlitun apartment - seeking flatmate for the summer (2 months)

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Immobilier et Colocations à Pékin' créé par cha064, 27 Mai 2015.

  1. cha064

    cha064 Apprenti

    7 Déc 2012
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    I’m seeking for a roomate for 2 months, from July 1st to August 30th. I will be out of Beijing for the summer.

    Great location, Lianbao Apartment, in Sanlitun. Very convenient, it is in the center of the expat community with foreign supermarket and also bars and restaurants.

    5-10 minutes to the dongzhimen (line 2) or Tuanjiehu (line 10) subway station.

    The flat is nice, fully furnished (air conditioners in each rooms, TV, washing machine, internet ) with four bedrooms. Very clean with two bathrooms, a big kitchen (2 ovens, microwave, fridge & freezer), huge living room.

    The rent for the room is RMB 3800 per month. An ayi is coming twice a week.

    Fees : internet, electricity, gaz, water is to share, at the end of the month (not more than 80yuan per month).

    You will be sharing the apartment with 2 girls (from Taiwan and China) and one guy (from California). They are really nice and quiet flatmates J

    If you have any questions, please reply to the advertising or text me 151 1027 0452

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  2. yoann21

    yoann21 Membre Actif

    19 Août 2014
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    I'm looking for an apartment, I come to Beijing from 10 of Jully to 29 of August.
    The location of the apartment is good for me.
    My wechat id is : yoann73

    (I was looking for an apartment in Chaoyang District so Sanlitun is good :) )

    I come this summer for vacation.
    I think it's perfect for you because I come only this summer then you can get your room back.

    Contact me.
    See you :)
    #2 yoann21, 4 Juin 2015
    Dernière édition: 5 Juin 2015

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