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Sales Manager

Discussion dans 'Business en Chine : Annonces' créé par JusTrade International, 24 Mar 2011.

  1. JusTrade International

    JusTrade International Membre Bronze

    9 Mar 2011
    North Chouzhou Road, Futian Building A, N°23A10, Y

    JusTrade is an international trading company based in Yiwu, whose headquarters are located in South China (Shenzhen and Guangzhou).

    Our activity is mainly focus on European, African and Middle East/ Redsea markets. We offer sourcing, trading and door-to-door solution with:

    - Sourcing the factories
    - Negotiation with them for all our customers (translation service and visit of the market)
    - Quality control of all our purchases
    - Complete door to door logistics solutions with our partners all around the world,

    Thanks to the expansion or our activity we are looking for sales manager for our Yiwu branch:

    - Develop our customers database from all around the world and maintain our relationship with them
    - Ensure close follow-up and strengthen our cooperation with them
    - Ensure that our client are delivered the required quality of service
    - Take active part in our company promotion inside local market
    - Succeed in motivating our sales team, giving targets and help them to reach it

    - Company committed, goal oriented, money motivated
    - Excellent business understanding & aggressive sales attitude
    - Excellent English skills, other languages appreciated
    - Basic computer skills (Excel, Word, Outlook)
    - Portfolio appreciated

    What we offer:
    - Multicultural environment and management
    - Training and opportunities to evolve in a fast growing company
    - Good remuneration package based on a motivating commission system

    Should you think you are suitable for the position,
    Please send us your resume and cover letter,


    We will promptly contact you.


    JusTrade International team
  2. Cyril.G

    Cyril.G Dieu Supérieur

    17 Juin 2009
    Shanghai, Pudong
    En français ? Le visa est compris dans le package ?
  3. poochielechien

    poochielechien Dieu créateur

    5 Déc 2007
    J'espère seulement que le nouvel engagé spammera moins sur le forum...

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