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Room to rent in Beixinjing Line2 2500RMB

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Immobilier et Colocations à Shanghai' créé par krikriksl, 18 Juil 2013.

  1. krikriksl

    krikriksl Membre Actif

    23 Nov 2011
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    Hi Everyone,

    We are:
    - young couple:
    ---french 26 years old girl: working in SH as Wedding planner, loves sport (swimming, badminton, tennis, yoga), loves chocolate, speaks french, english and chinese
    ---chinese 24 years old guy: working in SH as a wine seller, loves computer games, tennis, chinese food, speaks only chinese with basics (understand) english and french
    - one year old cat called Bidule: He will go in your closet if you let it open and will try to enter everything you open, he loves playing and stalling your meet!
    - both smoker (not a lot at home except during parties, but sometimes it can smell. we try to open the windows each time because we don't like the smell neither)
    - friendly
    - do the best to have a comfortable life together (we don't really want someone just to share the costs but also to share the life)
    - open minded

    About the flat:
    - 95m2
    - 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 big living room, 1 kitchen
    - fully furnished (air conditioner, washing machine, TV, internet, owen, microwave, fridge, pans, plates, toaster, rice cooker, water fountain...) (if you need something more we can arrange than for you)
    - everything is new and perfectly clean

    About your room:
    - around 20 to 25m2 (I didn't calculate that^^)
    - One big closet, and a smaller one
    - one desk, with a chair
    - we have pillows, blankets, and everything needed to be comfortable (if something missing we can arrange that for you)
    - a closed balcony (the washing machine is on the balcony so we need to enter your room to use it)
    We have someone actually and she has everything she needs in the room, so normally wont have any problems. As we are living there for a not determined period, the flat is our home so everything is made to ovoid you to have to buy anything if you plan to stay in Shanghai just for few months.

    About the location:
    - Jianhe road
    - subway line 2: 8min to Beixinjing station; 12min to Songhong station
    - 5min to Supermarket, Decathlon, and mall center with clothes shops
    - 7min to a very cheap market where we can find meet, fruits, vegetable and already prepared meals
    - 4min to a small park (tennis, badminton and running) and 7 min to an other one bigger (basketball, badminton)
    - 30min subway to people square; 20min subway to jingan Temple
    - direct line to both airport: 20min to Hongqiao, 1.30 to Pudong

    About the area:
    - residence next to a small river
    - police at the entrance (but maybe useless)
    - very safe
    - quite and calm (cant hear any cars!)
    - parking for motorcycle

    About you:
    - not too old....
    - fun
    - sens of humor
    - love cats
    - dont care if we smoke in the flat (usually we open the windows but if you are sensitive to that it might be a problem)
    - open to party during the week end (we use to invite some friends friday or saturday nigh to party)
    - clean (and help for cleaning the flat)
    - take care of our things when using
    - you won't have to find a new roommate when you leave, just let us know as soon as you know (one month before is better, but if you need to leave tomorrow we wont keep the deposit for that!)

    We have actually a polish girl living with us and she will leave in around one month to share a flat with one of her friend.

    If it s your first time in Shanghai, we can help you to discover a bit the city and show you how is the life there. We can help you with all the administration papers (registration). You will not have to take care about boring things such as "how to pay the bills" or "how to fixe the air conditioner".

    About the costs:
    - the flat will be free around August 15th, if you plan to arrive sooner we can find a solution
    - 2500 rmb / month
    - Pay the first month and one month deposit the first day
    - Pay the rent one week before the beginning of the next month
    - 50 RMB/person for internet
    - Electricity has to be paid every 6th of the month (it can be 60 rmb if we dont use air conditioner, to 250 during winter, shared by 3 people)
    - Water has to be paid the 10th every 2 months (usually not more than 70)
    - Gaz has to be paid the 18th every 2 months (usually not more than 150)
    So normally you will never spend more than 300 for the charges. We will show you the bills and split in a fare way^^

    If you need anything for your comfort you can let us know and we will see what we can do (in a reasonable way^^)

    You can contact me to visit (all pics are real and we are not an agency ) or just book the place if you are far away

    Waiting fro u^^

    152 2175 2274
  2. krikriksl

    krikriksl Membre Actif

    23 Nov 2011
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