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Room in Dongcheng Dist., 2300 RMB (no deposit, no fees, monthly payment)

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Immobilier et Colocations à Pékin' créé par Elise-Baert, 19 Juin 2015.

  1. Elise-Baert

    Elise-Baert Nouveau Membre

    19 Juin 2015
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    Hello !

    I post this advert because my roomate is leaving on Tuesday and we (my other roomate and I) are looking for a new flatmate !

    The flat is in a residence in Dongcheng District, between Andingmen and Yonghegong stations (less than 10min by feet both).

    We have three bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom and 1 living-room for 100 square meters area in total.
    We have all the equipments required: TV, washing machine, iron, AC in each bedroom and a nice sound system also ;)

    The location is very nice: in the hutongs, so close to the traditionnal chinese life style (with a lot of possibility of street found around if you like it) but in a "western" coumpound and close to Wudaoying street: where there are a lot of bars, restaurants, rooftop etc.

    About the roomates: I am a French girl looking for a long term period in Beijing, just as my other roomate: a russian teacher.

    We are looking for someone open-minded and ready to meet other people, go outside etc: we have oftenly some friends at home !

    The rent is 2300 RMB per month (monthly payment) + Electricity, network, gaz etc= around 100 RMB.
    No agent fees of course. And no need to pay a deposit (the precedent roomate leave it !)

    If you are interested in: add me on wechat to get any photo, video and come to visit ! :D = elisebaert
  2. Virthuss

    Virthuss Membre Actif

    15 Avr 2015
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    ça m'intéresse beaucoup! J'arrive prochainement à Pékin pour un stage (dans deux jours très exactement).

    Je t'ajoute sur wechat.

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