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23 Oct 2005
To apply to this position, you need:
• to be fluent in english,
• to have a good knowledge in the use of Photoshop, Illustrator and a perfect knowledge of Flash,
• to be very aware of web standards (XHTML, CSS, 508) and to be able to validate all your works,
• to be totally in control with client-side scripting (Javascript & DOM),
• to be able to create table-less designs,
• to be able to test all your creations on IE 6, IE 7, Firefox 1 & 2, Safari,

• to be able to create websites from scratch using a simple text editor,

• to keep youself up to date with web 2.0 technologies and Javascript libraries (Prototype, Moo.fx...)

• you ABSOLUTLY need to be perfection-driven,
• you need to be able to work with a designer for the creation of graphical content.

You will be asked to provide examples of work you previously did.

Contact (pm): Albane Chollet