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Recruiting Bar Manager/Bartendar

Discussion dans 'Wuhan & le Hubei' créé par prettyriver111, 30 Mai 2014.

  1. prettyriver111

    prettyriver111 Nouveau Membre

    29 Mai 2014
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    Recruiting Bar Manager
    Ho, Ho, Ho, We are seeking motivated and highly qualified bar manager. We are a fun, energetic and privately- owned wine bar here in Wuhan with ideas on expanding and we need the right people to help make that happen and share in the process.
    - 5+ years of bar experience preferred
    - Management experience preferred but not required
    - Ability to critically think and problem solve
    - Communicative, responsible, detail-oriented
    - Service oriented, understand and go beyond customer needs
    - Good command of English and Chinese
    - Inventory and cost control knowledge and experience
    - Ability to effectively perform monthly forecasting of sales and guest counts and consistently meet financial goals
    We offer competitive base salary in line with experience and qualification, coupled with flexible working hours, fun working environment, full training opportunity, equity opportunity after 6 month performance review and attractive year-end bonus await the right candidate, you can apply without any hesitation! For Str0ng candidates, the salary will be negotiable and will finalize after trial.
    If you are this kind of person and have a goal come and join us, please be free to send me your resume to discuss this exciting opportunity!

    Recruiting Bartender
    We are looking for the Bartender with the ability to be familiar with bar using and maintenance of facilities, equipment, all kinds of wine knowledge, cocktail mixing techniques, familiar with bar and restaurant service, hotel service standards; Basic qualities: have some western food and beverage knowledge, has the sense of responsibility and the work of conscientious ;have a certain working experience; Special requirements: there is a certain level of English, good interpersonal relationship, have certain communication skills

    Welcome to join us !

    And please be free to email me at prettyriver111@163.com

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