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Recherche Stagiaire Responsable Business Development

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par hdcservices, 1 Sept 2009.

  1. hdcservices

    hdcservices Membre Silver

    1 Sept 2009
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    Trainee / Job offer:

    Business Development Manager

    HDC is a new trading company based in Hong Kong. The Shanghai Branch is newly established and would be the core office for the business development. The company is very active in the sourcing arena but also specialised in providing high efficiency ranges of products to both foreign and local markets.

    The company is now looking for a very self-motivated, confident, tenacious and independent business development manager who has ability of developing our company’s businesses and sales. Sales should be generated through various channels including, but not limited to: retailers, landed distributors, e-commerce, and mail order catalogues.

    Main responsibilities:
    - Work in close cooperation with the merchandising department to establish ranges of products in accordance of the needs of our customers.
    - Visit fairs and find new products
    - Establish a good and efficient network with customers
    - Develop the sales through our different network
    - Negociation with clients and organisation of the shipment

    - Independent worker with good team spirit.
    - Business School student
    - Good computer skills (Office / Photoshop)– The candidate has to posses a computer

    This is could be a full-time or part-time paid position that will be based in Shanghai Hongqiao (Gubei Road).

    Start working date : between 15 th of September to 15th of October.

    French native speaking is required and a Str0ng interest in Mandarin is a plus.

    Salary : Negociable

    Please submit a resume and brief introductory statement to hdcservices@gmail.com.

    Thank you!
  2. Yunchi

    Yunchi Membre Gold

    17 Juil 2009
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    Are you looking for someone with a solid experience in business or are you also interested in recruiting a beginner ?
  3. paulhenry

    paulhenry Membre Bronze

    2 Sept 2009
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    is it a job offer or an internship offer??

    if its an internship offer then its flipping ridiculous looking at what you expect the candidate to do you should be looking for some guy with experience not a young graduate

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