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Recherche responsable commercial francais chez Oney Banque Accord

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par solehagre, 16 Mai 2013.

  1. solehagre

    solehagre Nouveau Membre

    16 Mai 2013
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    Job Title: Commercial Manager [FONT=宋体]商务经理[/FONT]

    Department: Commercial, Sales & Channel Department

    Direct Supervisor: Regional Commercial Manager

    City: Shanghai

    Company : Oney Banque Accord (groupe Auchan)


    The position serves as the bridge among retail partner, bank partner and ABC to derive maximum business potential and maximize customer’s purchasing power


    1. Responsible for achieving KPI of the position
    2. Responsible for the animation of a dedicated sales environment in retail partner
    3. Coordinating the action of banking sales force and retail manager’s and sales people
    4. Coordinating promotion activities to boost sales revenue
    5. Understanding the needs and rhythm of the retail partner to adapt the financial offer to support it dynamically
    6. Providing timely and effective support (including complaints and recommendation) to both banks and hypermarket


    Sales Target:
    The sales target will be expressed in terms of all financial products, including co-branded credit card, POS, pre-paid card, instalment credit production amount or other in-store financial products.

    Service Target:
    Providing satisfactory support to the retailer by tailoring the commercial programs of the financial products so that they support the turnover of the stores

    Coaching target:
    Through comprehensive and constant training, motivating, following, listening and supporting, optimize sales and usage of all financial products inside the retailer.

    Other key result areas:
    The commercial manager is expected to spend a lot of his time visiting the stores in different cities (over 80% of its working time) to review the program implementation, to speak to Store teams from store’s Managers to sales staff, credit booth banking sales force, cashier managers, EM manager, customer service manager, C&C manager, bazaar manager, management controller, etc.

    The candidate should be a on the ground tactical thinker, helping the stores to achieve their objectives and consequently, Oney Accord Business Consulting objectives.


    (State your direct and functional reporting relationship, peer groups in own operating unit and in the corporate office/parent company with whom this jobholder is required to interact with.)

    - Report directly to Regional Commercial Manager
    - Work closely with colleagues from all other departments

    (State the type of external contacts that this jobholder needs to interact in enabling performance of his/her duties, e.g. customers, suppliers, government agencies, professional institutions etc)

    - Retail partner
    - Partner bank
    - Other related business partners e.g. China Union Pay


    Age: 25-35 years old

    Education: University studies

    Experience: Commercial experience required: Experience in hypermarket with division or section manager position, or key account and sales experience of supplier in selling to hypermarket, or credit card merchant development experience. Past experience of significant commercial success a plus.

    Residential Location: Candidate’s residential location should be chosen in the city requested

    Language: French native speaker, fluent in oral and written English a must (Chinese not necessary but a plus)

    Computer: Computer literate (Word, Excel, Power point)

    - Having team-spirit
    - Nice and friendly to people
    - Confidence
    - Can work and perform even under stress
    - Flexible and a good listener, but also capable of lobbying enthusiastically to convince the store’s teams and the banking team leaders
    - Persistent person, pursuing the targets assigned with tenacity.

    - Good interpersonal communication skill
    - Able to travel frequently
    - Able to work independently
    - Able to animate different promotion
    - Able to work on details
    - Comfortable with figures: Capable of understanding and explaining simple financial products benefits such as credit card and loans, in simple terms to non-banking people.
    - Provide deliverables on timely basis
    - Commercial common sense, practical, result driven


    The salary will depend on experience and qualifications.

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