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Recherche partenaire de langue, francais et chinois.

Discussion dans 'Petites annonces - Pékin Divers' créé par mig.wu, 18 Avril 2011.

  1. mig.wu

    mig.wu Apprenti

    18 Avril 2011
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    Les amis, une amie chinoise recherche un partenaire pour de cours d'echange entre chinois et francais. voici son annonce.

    Hello, everyone~I am a Beijing girl, work for an auction house which takes art works as its business object. And many of my clients are from Europe, France, Switzerland and etc., so I would like to learn French very much. I have studied English for about 15 years, but not quite efficiently. I learned English literature as my bachelor major for 4 years. I love literature and I think France is a great nation both in literature and art. If your mother language is French and you want to learn Chinese in Beijing, maybe we can be friends and teach each other. We could try a totally new way to learn language, different from traditional school style. I guess you come to China to study because you love Chinese culture and art, right? If it is true, I will be a good partner~~Write to me at 970977118@qq.com~~

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