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recherche office manager pour importteur de vins

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par olivier73, 8 Oct 2012.

  1. olivier73

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    22 Mar 2007
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    Magnum Wines is an importer and distributor of wines based in Shanghai with offices in Guangzhou and Beijing. Since the beginning we have built a portfolio of passionate winemakers who demonstrate great knowledge of their terroir and who are doing their best to make wines that are original because they are honestly crafted, most of them following principles of natural viticulture. We have today in our portfolio more than 300 references as well as a range of spirits and juices. Among all these references, we have the chance to distribute very prestigious winemakers who trusted our work and savoir faire. These wines are today distributed all over China in selected restaurants and hotels that value our unique offer.

    The office manager will be in charge of the following tasks.

    1. Office Management :

    • Management of the daily administrative issues with the 3 Magnum Wines offices;
    • Ensure proper management of administrative documents relating to the business;
    • Ensure proper coordination between the 3 offices;

    1. Sales Administration:

    • Management of the back office team (logistic and sales support) to ensure that orders are properly recorded and addressed. Follow-up weekly issues in order to monitor mistakes and improves the processes on an on-going basis;
    • Management of the logistic team in order to ensure that the clients are delivered properly and on time. Follow-up weekly issues in order to monitor mistakes and improves the processes on an on-going basis;
    • Responsible of the relation with logistic provider and warehouse and ensure appropriate level of control with these 1/3 parties suppliers;
    • Management of the stock cycle count and full count process;
    • Weekly review of the accounts receivables outstanding balance with the sales assistant to ensure proper actions have been engaged and monitor and manage communications with clients. Follow-up weekly issues in order to monitor mistakes and improve the process on an on-going basis;

    1. Stock management:

    • Weekly review with the sales team to identify actual or potential shortfall in order to anticipate any rupture;
    • Management of the import process in coordination with the import and supply chain in house department to ensure proper documentation is ready on time to process the import;

    1. Controlling:

    • Daily control of accounting movements made by cashiers;
    • Weekly review of the key KPI’s: AR, stock management, cash position
    • Monthly review of the balance sheet and income statement of the 3 Magnum Wines offices;
    • Monthly analysis of the cash flow and in charge of the next 3 months forecasted cash flow;

    1. Improvement of processes:

    • Responsible for working processes and processes continuous improvement
    • Responsible for staff training on these processes
    • Responsible for controlling implementation of processes

    contacter olivier@ergum.com.hk


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