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25 Fev 2013
Une de mes amies recherche des modeles feminins pour effectuer des shootings photos.

Voici son annonce en anglais:

We are now working on an art advertisement project with an design studio for some clothes.

The clothes are made in silk, line etc. some soft and natural fabric. There are some dresses, shirts for summer and spring to be taken.

We want to shoot several photos, the feeling just like an French movie, but they are photos. Photos can be taken in Cafe, Bars, shops, or just yard nearby you, or just some photos when you ride a bike on the road.

We can do it on weekend or working days, you can choose the day between Jan. 25- Jan. 31. Just a few hours will be needed.

1, French girls are preferred since French girls are easy to have that kind of feeling, elegant and storied

2, You don't have to be tall, just be slim and elegant, almost all the french girls have delicacy faces

3, It is a part time job, just need 6-8 hours someday between Jan. 25- Jan. 31. Decent pay for it

4, The hight is ok, not a big deal just wear our clothes nice is ok. Slim and slim will be preferred

we don't want to shoot commercial photos, we want something with story, mystery, just like French movie.


Idea Game

We are creative studio and working with some shootings for make up, clothes etc.

We want to shoot in a different way this time not a traditional commercial advertisement shooting.

We want to tell stories from the photos not just selling the products.


Contact us:

WeChat: Dongjun88 Mail:

Phone: 185 2109 5966 137 6193 6665


Anita Yan

WeChat: Dongjun88

Phone: 137 6193 6665 / 185 2109 5966
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