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07 Mar 2012

Après avoir travaillé et voyagé en Europe, je souhaite me lancer un nouveau défi à Hong Kong. Pour ce faire, je suis à la recherche d'un poste de Marketing Executive au plus vite, dans le domaine de l'assurance ou celui de l'automobile.

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I have started working in 2004, in part time during my studies in automotive industry as Marketing Manager Assistant. During 5 years, I had several experiences related to marketing and communication areas, meanwhile I have studied in a french business school. In 2008, I had the opportunity to make an Erasmus exchange in Poland, which was the best experience ever, not only because of the quality of polish business school, but also because of the culture, the language, human relationships, mutlicultural works, and all new experiences which I had passion for. Since then, I've set up an objective to keep on that way, and work abroad.

In 2010, I have achieved this goal thanks to a Volontariat International en Entreprise for Peugeot Belgium Luxembourg, and then Peugeot Switzerland, until October 2011.


I look for a job as marketing executive in Honk Kong.

How to achieve this objective ?

The skills and qualifications you may have, match my experience in this area :

- I spent 2 years as a Marketing Project Manager in Belgium and Switzerland for Peugeot, and am experienced with launching projects, monitoring business results, and creating reporting tools in a way to improve performance reviews.

- I have integrated the position of Competition and Market Analyst : set up and monitoring several KPI, promotion tools, mystery shopping, reinforcement of monthly positioning, steering marketing mix strategy.

- I use to work in a multicultural team, on projects that span borders, with efficiency to be on time and on budget.

- I clearly want to challenge myself for a dynamic company in Asia, in a way to increase my work experience and participate actively in the business strategy of rising companies.