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Recherche ecrivain - traducteur - cosmetiques

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par audrey260584, 19 Avr 2013.

  1. audrey260584

    audrey260584 Membre Actif

    26 Sept 2012
    FOREO is looking to hire a talented and driven French copywriter/translator to work for a new global consumer brand on a broad range of communications, from product packaging, instruction manuals, promotional materials, to social media.

    This role requires a conceptual and thinker who can work within the global marketing department to deliver creative and commercially viable work on time and according to brief. The successful candidate for the role will ensure that all copies in French are written professionally, persuasively and with flair.

    Key responsibilities:

    • Acquire a good understanding of FOREO brand including copy and tone of voice to produce a well-rounded creative solution.
    • Translate and deliver well-written materials in French from POS materials, user manuals, product description, SEO, sales letters, ads, press releases, social media, to website that is commercially appealing and engaging end customers, retailers,distributors and media.
    • Produce well-written content on time and according to brief.
    • Collaborate with marketing manager and specialists to develop creative ideas and concepts.
    • Proofreading and editing materials in French according to feedback.

    Required skills and experience:

    • Native French Speaker
    • Knowledge of skincare, beauty and cosmetics is preferred
    • Some experience in marketing is preferred
    • Ability to multitask is highly desirable
    • Keen eye to detail
    • 1-2 years of copywriting/translating experience is preferred
    • A portfolio of previous writing assignments, either in the form of copywriting, personal blog, journalistic work, etc

    How to apply:
    Interested applicants should send their CV and 2-3 samples of their previous writing assignments to careers@foreo.com

    About FOREO
    FOREO – a revolutionary new skincare concept

    FOREO pioneers a skincare philosophy that’s both holistic and scientific, developing solutions to restore the natural healthy equilibrium between body, mind and skin. By promoting total wellness and self-esteem, FOREO liberates the individual to pursue a confident and active lifestyle. With a groundbreaking range of products ready to launch in 2013, FOREO is poised to redefine the lifestyle-enhancing possibilities of facial skincare solutions.
  2. audrey260584

    audrey260584 Membre Actif

    26 Sept 2012
    Cette annonce est toujours d'actualite

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