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Recherche de bureaux - Les serviced office de Shanghai testés pour vous :)

Discussion dans 'Business en Chine : Conseils' créé par Alexish, 22 Oct 2012.

  1. Alexish

    Alexish Demi-dieu

    3 Jan 2009
    Shanghai, China
    +195 / -0
    Hello à tous, dans le cadre de mon blog sur l'entrepreneuriat à Shanghai et en Chine (que j'écris en anglais pour toucher le plus grand nombre), je suis parti à la découverte de différents Serviced Offices à Shanghai, en les testant chacun lors d'une journée de travail.

    J'ai pu comparer leurs tarifs, leur poser des questions sur l'enregistrement d'une WOFE, etc. Tout est dans l'article de blog en cliquant ici

    Ou en lisant directement là : Bonne lecture !

    In my previous article, I tried to work from home and from Coffee Shops. It was nice, but not so nice. As an entrepreneur, you usually don’t have a boss to tell you what to do, and one of the (many) ways to stay motivated is to be working… in a work environment.
    This time, I tried various serviced offices, spending one full day working there. Although I planned to rank them at first, I actually figured out that each of the spaces fitted a specific need…
    At the bottom of this page, you’ll find a tab with a review of all the prices and services of the places I tried. You will see, among different info, that most of them help you through the registration of a WOFE.

    Flexkube – Entry level solution – “Share some space with Chinese entrepreneurs”

    Location : Changshou lu, near Jiaozhou lu (click for the map)
    Metro : Line 7, Changshou lu (10 minutes walking)

    Flexkube is a single location, in a creative park, between textile and advertising companies, by a nice river. It’s a bit hard to find, since it’s at the back of a parallel street of Changshou lu.
    They offer virtual offices, single workstations rentals in an open space, and individual offices. Most of the companies here are Chinese start-ups, so it’s really good to practice your mandarin and develop your Guanxi, but don’t expect to speak English that much!
    Flexkube is basically an entry level shared office, in which you can start your business without spending too much for your location. Their price is the lowest. It’s not the best choice if you wish to impress your clients, but if your goal is to work in a professional space, with everything included, then you should consider this option. You may as well develop your relationships with local start-ups and benefit from their advice regarding accounting, legal… and much more!

    Asianbiz - Start up community solution – “Join the group of young start-ups”

    Location : Huaihai lu, near Ruijing lu (click for the map)
    Metro : Line 1, Shanxi nan lu (6 minutes walking)

    Asianbiz has several locations, and I visited one of the most central ones. On the 19th floor of a business building, they mostly offer private offices. Their price is higher than Flexkube, but remain affordable for newly created start-ups or lone entrepreneurs [​IMG] The strongest value of Asianbiz is their aim at creating a real community of young professionals.
    You can clearly see that everyone knows & supports each other in this business center, and I believe it’s really important when you’re looking at expanding your network. The staff is mostly composed of foreigners and is really welcoming. Asianbiz seems to be a good environment if you need some support from other entrepreneurs.

    The Executive Center - Top Notch Working Spaces – “Prime locations for prime businesses”

    Location : Citic Square – 1168 West Nanjing lu, near Jiangning lu (click for the map)
    Metro : Line 2, West Nanjing lu (6 minutes walking)

    As soon as I stepped into The Executive Center, I noticed some of the door tags : “Bentley” and many other high end brands are renting some spaces here. The atmosphere is very high end, reflecting the level of service. I spent one day in a private office : the view from the 35th floor was stunning, and the space really quiet and well organized.
    The Executive Center would be your choice if you’re working in the luxury industry or doing high end consulting, and need a fully integrated solution, along with effective concierge services (limo to the airport, translation services, they have everything), reflecting a top notch image of your business. If your plan isn’t to make friends, but truly to run a high profit business, then “TEC” would be your choice. (their prime location being located in the newly built IFC in Pudong)

    Servcorp - Luxury International Working Spaces – “Prime locations for international businesses”

    Location : Kerry Center – 1515 West Nanjing lu, near Tongren lu (click for the map)
    Metro : Line 2, Jing An Temple (6 minutes walking)

    Servcorp’s Kerry Center is hard to miss : as soon as you arrive at the reception desk, you can admire a 180 degree view of Shanghai. Once again, you can feel it’s a high end serviced office, by the atmosphere and the clients working in the building. Servcorp aims at supporting international businesses, and is specially useful to those who need to travel and work from different countries.
    Even their entry level solution, virtual offices, includes some usage in international locations. Their true value come from their locations, from Paris, France, to Sydney, Australia. They’ll make sure to support your business growth with their range of powerful tools, including Voice over IP, and video-conference. If you’re an international entrepreneur or businessman, Servcorp is for you!

    Conclusion : let’s compare !

    That was a quick presentation of these 4 very different actors. In order for you to be able to get an overview of their prices and services without reading pages and pages of catalogues and websites, I compiled all the info into a single excel file, that you can download here, or read just under that post.
    Hopefully, it will help you to make the right decision while you’re choosing your office! A big company sending an executive abroad and a young entrepreneur without capital surely don’t have the same needs and budgets, so make a wise choice [​IMG]

    Basic Info

    Virtual Offices


    Serviced Offices

    Stay tuned for the next part of the best office, I’ll be touring incubators soon !
  2. A MU

    A MU Dieu Supérieur

    30 Juil 2007
    Shenzhen / Ganzhou
    +626 / -4
    Bonjour AlexiSH,

    Bon article.
    Les solutions de serviced office sont très nombreuses a Shanghai. Avec notamment Regus, qui est un groupe de serviced office dispatche un peu partout dans le monde, et qui offre la possibilité d'avoir accès a n'importe lequel de leur centre dans le monde. HK, SH, Hangzhou, Dalian etc... pratique ceux qui se déplacent constamment.

    Bonne Journée,

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