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Qui va prendre cette appartement magnifique

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Immobilier et Colocations à Shanghai' créé par samuelees, 22 Avr 2011.

  1. samuelees

    samuelees Membre Bronze

    21 Fev 2011
    The apt is not rent before, so it is new, clean and cozy. And luxurious, beautiful, functional world-class interiors for the apt, you can get an eyeful of the beautiful river and Expo Garden from the apt because of its perfect location. All the rooms are tastefully furnished with NEW furniture and modern household appliances. The arrangement of apt is reasonable and logical. For example, the living room and two bedrooms all face south, so the tenant will feel cool in summer and warm in winter.
    The location of neighborhood is good and convenient. Five minutes’ walking distance from the subway station (near both Line 4 and Line 8) ----South xi zhang road station.
    The apt is near the shopping malt, prosperous in business and convenient for shopping. Actually in this epic landscape, the comfortable apt is convenient for all walks in the area. When you walk through the neighborhood, you can enjoy breathing the scent of pines.
    2br 2lr 1kitchen 1bath
    Just 6500CNY/month
    It is available at any time, don’t miss this opportunity!

    Pour plus d'infos,n'hesitez pas a me contacter.
    a samuelchine@gmail.com
    a 138-16090401
    3m03o43l45V35P45S1b4ma53b1d77cf011f12.jpg 3n83o13l45V65O15U0b4m8753e46ccf231f52.jpg 3n13m03pc5Y55Q05X6b4m9e9b8d3cfe571a93.jpg 3nc3kd3p15U65P35R4b4mec7a9bf9c8ab185d.jpg

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