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Offre Emploi Quality Product Leader

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par Aurelie ML, 19 Juin 2017.

  1. Aurelie ML

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    30 Jan 2013
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    About the company:

    For the last 25 years, Ellipse has been a partner of the main European retailers in the service of their private labels: from design, design, qualification and control. With its key accounts dedicated to each area and customer, Ellipse has developed an expertise in the European market and its trends.
    Ellipse works closely with around twenty partner production sites spread over more than 4 continents for over 10 years, meeting our customers’ requirements.
    Ellipse offers more than 400 references in Personnal care, Oral Care and medical devices and has production sites worldwild in China, South Korea, Egypt, Spain, Hungary, India, Italy, Malaysia, USA and Vietnam.


    The position of Quality Product Leader covers a large scope of tasks, from monitoring the production process development, ensuring that quality and
    regulatory requirements are fulfilled, implementing KPIs and handling production and quality issues.


    • ensure the application of the Ellipse quality standards in factory
    • guarantee the product conformity regarding technical specifications
    • control Ellipse product specifications with internal CPSF (Customer packaging specification file)
    • manage final inspections and validate shipments
    • ensure the raw material approval with European standards. Work closely with dedicated laboratory
    • ensure the quality level on my products, KPI follow up

    Product Development:
    • confirm and agree with my supplier on a retro-planning of developments and fill in my product follow up to communicate with my team
    • guarantee development time to my product manager
    • develop prototype and control the conformity of tests
    • control and optimize development costs of my products: material cost and labor cost
    • set up the implementation of a root causes analysis in case of quality problem

    Supplier Management:
    • build and maintain a Str0ng relationship with Ellipse suppliers
    • develop and animate some training sessions on different Ellipse standard topics

    • Ability to communicate fluently and efficiently with suppliers and French team.
    • Technical and industrial expertise on injection molding
    • Good understanding of Ellipse and European standard requirements to reach operational targets
    • Ability to manage and animate projects in autonomy with Str0ng leadership and rigor
    • Quick problem solver
    •Pro activity, well organized and result oriented is a must

    • Education: Bachelor degree in engineering
    • Working experience is Minimum 5 years working in factory with international busines
    • Workplace: Yangzhou or close surroundings
    • Languages: Mandarin native, English fluent, French is a plus.
    • Demonstrate proficiency in Microsoft office (Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, …)

    Interested parties please send your full resume to vie@ellipse-sa.com.

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