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Propose collocation proximite ligne 3 et 4 a cote de people square

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Immobilier et Colocations à Shanghai' créé par Nargisse, 20 Avr 2009.

  1. Nargisse

    Nargisse Membre Bronze

    18 Avr 2009
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    It is a cute room with a bathroom, a softbed, a nice desk, and wireless internet. There are 3 sleeping rooms , 1 living room, 2 bathrooms in total. Near line 3 and line 4, Baoshan Road, near the Qipu Road, Peoples Square and the Station. Very convinent trafic.Big window,
    I and my girl friend,we can speak good English, and she is also studying Spanish. I'm a BD Manager, 25 years old, have a lot of foreign friends from USA, Canada, England, France, and other countries.¡¡She is doing the international trading, and in charge of south America.

    The other guy is doing the investment, and he used to be a soldier, can teach us do some body exercise.

    All of us like to lead¡¡a graceful life, and we can enjoy a young and active life.

    Please contact me: 15821268682 or yuzhen506@hotmail.com



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