Offre Emploi Professeur de FLE - université des langues du Hebei

03 Nov 2015
We need teachers who can teach French language in Hebei Foreign Studies University

For our university has expanded to a greater level,so we need teachers who can teach French language. The concrete requirements are as follows.

1. He/she is supposed to own master’s degree or above.
2. Working experience: He/she is suppose to provide the working certification from your previous company and you should have at least two years’ of working experience since you obtained your highest degree.
3. We can provide accommodation, insurance and reimbursement of the round-trip plane tickets.
4. The monthly salary could be further negotiated.

Hebei Foreign Studies University is officially approved by the National Ministry of Education, which is also the only foreign studies university for undergraduate in Hebei Province. The number of languages for the undergraduates ranks the third among all the Chinese universities, for the college students the first. We have covered all 16 official languages in countries of central and eastern Europe, and we have the most central and eastern Europian languages. At present, the university has formed the subject layout of the coordination development of art, economics, management, teaching, medicine, industry and science. There are over 16,000 full-time students now in the university.

If anyone who intends to join us, please do not hesitate to contact:
Mr. Wang