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  2. Il est important d'être conscient que le statut de stagiaire n'existe pas réellement pour les étrangers dans la plupart des provinces de Chine.

    Pour plus d'infos, voir : Stage en Chine / à Shanghai : légal ? quel visa ?

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Prodigg: PURCHASING MANAGER (french)

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par prodiggshanghai, 4 Septembre 2008.

  1. prodiggshanghai

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    4 Septembre 2008
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    Our company:
    - We are a young and fast growing company based in France and China , involved in sourcing and distribution in the home equipment industry.
    - We operate a B2B business with a Str0ng brand specialist of bathroom products ( www.prodigg.com ) as well as a B2C business with direct sales to end customers on French market.
    - Our China operations act as an independent trading company selling to our B2B and B2C sales channels on French market as well to external clients around the world (mostly importers and distributors).

    - Independently manage and develop the purchasing for a wide range of products ;
    - Manage chinese suppliers and western clients independently throughout the
    purchasing process ;

    - Knowledge and experience of sourcing and trading process is a must ;
    - Knowledge of bathroom / furniture / hardware products is a plus ;
    - Profile : 'Western' profile (Europe / US / Australia ...) ;
    - Fluent in French and English is a must ; Mandarin is a plus ;
    - University education with business or engineering major and minimum two years experience.

    If interested, please send a cover letter and a resume to : nathanael.adenot@prodigg.com

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