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Offre Emploi Poste Ingenieur Systemes Embarques (VIE Shanghai)

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par Guy_Langlois, 28 Mar 2014.

  1. Guy_Langlois

    Guy_Langlois Nouveau Membre

    28 Mar 2014
    TECHNOCHINA Industries Co. Ltd (ALTYOR Group) is a French company based in Shanghai – China. Taking advantages of more than 10 years of experience in the industrialization and manufacturing of consumer electronics products, ALTYOR has his own R&D Center in TECHNOCHINA Shanghai since beginning of 2013.
    This R&D Center includes 1 design office in mechanics and 1 design office in Electronics. The R&D Center works mainly for ID‐RF, ALTYOR branch company, which develop and design connected objects (Internet of Things) for Smart Home application.

    Under the responsibilities of the Electronic R&D Center Manager, you will be charged with analyzing, developing and designing of embedded systems. You will handle following tasks:

    • Product Definition and market reality study:
    - Discuss products need with relevant marketing team.
    - Participate to the redaction of the Statement of Requirements (SOR).
    - Manage the choice of key technological solutions / components, and the quotation of the Electronic design service.
    - Define a pre-BOM for final product estimation / pre-quotation.
    - Establish development planning.
    - Validate the product technical and economical feasibility.

    • Product Development:
    - Finalize and confirm chosen technological solutions.
    - Advise the hardware engineer in the validation of schematic and in the PCB/PCBA architecture definition.
    - Handle the firmware development.
    - Assist the test bench Engineer in the test bench definition.
    - Lead prototyping and testing stage.

    • Project Management:
    - Lead the electronic part of a product development (ensure communication between different actors: HW Engineer, Mechanical Designer, etc…).
    - Assist the Electronic R&D Manager in the daily R&D Center running tasks.
    - Ensure planning and cost control for the whole electronic development (HW+SW)
    - Inform regularly the Management and Marketing Dpt of progress of the on-going projects.

    • Job Requirements:
    - Master Degree in Electronic Engineering or equivalent
    - First experience in embedded systems development (internship or work experience)
    - Fluent in English, an extra language, such as Chinese or French, is highly appreciated
    - Passionate of new technologies.

    If you are interested, please contact me at glanglois@technochina.cn or Thomas GAUTHIER at tgauthier@id-‐rf.net

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