Plus qu'1 chambre de disponible à People Square !!!

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22 Oct 2012
Localisation : West Beijing Rd / Chengdu Rd

Layout: 4 brs / 2 bath / 2 living room

Size: 190 Sqm

This great apartment is located close to line 1 Xinzha Rd and Line 2 People Square.

Master Bedroom: 4500 ==> Russian Girl
Big room : 3500 ==> Available
Room 3 : 3500 ==> Russian Girl

Room 4: 3500 ==>American boy

The location is excellent for dining, shopping and nightlife. Many convenience stores (supermarket, 24-hours shops), restaurants and bars are surrounding this house.

We also have various Apartments/Houses/offices in many areas of Shanghai.

We can find a suitable one according to your requirements. 

Feel free to contact Yoann to arrange a viewing or for more information:

English, French Speaker

Mobile: 13816107615