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Pasta Party's 2nd International Dinner !!!

Discussion dans 'Soirées à Shanghai' créé par cedric81, 14 Mai 2013.

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  1. cedric81

    cedric81 Membre Gold

    11 Jan 2008
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    Pasta Party's dinners give you the opportunity to meet a new circle of young professional friends & singles from the expats & Chinese communities in a convivial atmosphere while savoring delicious Italian food and wine over dinner !

    Making new friends should be a richly rewarding experience, but often, when you are single and tied to the home or have a demanding job, there's little opportunity to expand beyond your immediate social circle. Wouldn't it be nice to meet people you can 'get on with' - like minds? That's exactly the concept behind Pasta Party: a civilized way to make friends.

    Pasta Party Membership is made up of men and women from a professional, business or executive background. Pasta Party caters for people of all ages. However, the majority of our members are in their late 20's to early 40's.

    A unique International Social Dining Experience !
    Fine Italian pasta & wine ( free flow ) !
    40 seats only: first come, first get !

    • Date: Sunday June 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] 2013 (19h00 – 22h00)
    • Location: Pizza Marzano (Surpass Court), Unit 111, 570 Yongjia Road
    • Dress code: Elegant
    • Cover charge (pre-booking): 298 RMB (248 RMB for Pasta Party members)
    • Cover charge (at the door): 348 RMB (please call to check availability)
    • Information: contact@pastaparty.asia / 159 2115 7225
    • Web: www.pastaparty.asia
    • Reservation: Online or by bank transfer
    • Follow Us! Facebook.com/PastaPartyAsia , Weibo.com/u/3272722823


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