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Pas cher pour s'installer: meubles et matos divers à vendre ou donner !

Discussion dans 'Petites annonces - Hong Kong' créé par AxelleF, 2 Sept 2012.

  1. AxelleF

    AxelleF Apprenti

    2 Sept 2012
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    A vendre: tablechaiseshk.jpg

    2x round tables 105cm diameter (75cm high) with 8x design chairs in plastic (4 red, 2 black, 2 yellow)
    The table diameter is 105cm, wooden top and metal stand.
    The stand is relatively heavy, I think it is made of steel tube (square cross-section), with chrome plating.
    The top table can be removed, I have stuck it with soft silicon gel so that our child will not risk to make the table fall.
    4 red chairs, 2 yellow, 2 black. Metal foot for the chairs with chrome finishing. Plastic pads to protect floor (spares)
    We bought the tables and chairs less than two years ago in Shenzhen for 9000HKD.
    200HKD per chair
    700HKD per table
    1400HKD 1 table + 4 chairs
    2500HKD: 2 tables + 8 chairs

    Solid wood black/brown glass door cabinet, 1000HKD (matches very well the tables and chairs)
    Philips air purifier : 1500HKD with one set of new filters
    Ikea lamps: 250HKD each (3 items)
    Fan: 250HKD
    Baby nappies 6kg-11kg and 9kg-14kg, 350HKD

    Large A/V furniture including high-end active loudspeakers (home project by acoustics expert): 10k HKD (cost of parts alone 18kHKD).

    To give away:
    Diverse items such as shelves, (very) thin mattresses, drinking glasses, bins, storage boxes, cooler box… More when you are here to check.

    Please contact e by email at julien.bergere@philips.com
    A retirer a Sai Kung, New territories

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