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Ouverture des portes de l'Ecole International Bonita

Discussion dans 'Petites annonces - Pékin Divers' créé par BonitaSchool, 10 Déc 2014.

  1. BonitaSchool

    BonitaSchool Nouveau Membre

    10 Déc 2014
    Bonjour à toutes et à tous,
    Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer l'ouverture d'une nouvelle école internationale à Pékin, idéalement située à côté du centre commercial The Place.
    Ci-dessous des informations plus précises (en anglais), n'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour plus de renseignements !
    Le personnel est français, anglais, chinois et russe.
    A bientot!

    Bonita International Kindergarten is a daily nursery combined with a kindergarten, based in Beijing, Chaoyang district. Bonita school is based on a new multicultural education. It draws the best from different cultures in order to raise the children in the best conditions. Teachers from different countries supervise the children from different countries throughout the day and week. Various activities are available throughout the week, while respecting their individual routine and a daily rhythm. Our goal is to provide the kids with an environment filled by art, different languages and cultures

    Schedule : 5 days based on a French educational program and 3 days (Monday + wednesday + Friday) open to the families. Those 3 days allow the parents to spend time with their kids during the activities and the games organized by our foreign teachers. They can also choose to stay together in the kitchen area, drink some tea and have a talk between parents. This is called : Bonita Center.

    During the time in Bonita Center, three type of classes will be proposed to the parents and babies : Baby sign language (8mths-20 mths), Baby English class based (12mths-5 yrs) on an American program called "My baby can read" and a last class with our french pedagogy manager with open discussion about different topics.

    At the same time, one class room will be dedicated to the kindergarten program based on a French style schedule (without parents) from Monday to Friday.

    Throughout the week, other classes will be offered to the children : drama class, music class, art class, French cooking class... and more!

    Thanks to our foreign teachers and their assistants, your children will always be accompanied during their time at the Bonita center. The artistic environment and its hardware suitable for children, allow them to learn while having fun together but also with their parents, in the wonderful world of Bonita.

    This school is accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

    Contact us for more information or check our website :

    +86 010 53306800 / +86 010 85907648


    Our address : 301 Room, Building D, Zhong Jun World City Chaoyang District, Beijing, /北京市朝阳区金汇路中駿世界城D座3层301室

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