[Offre] stage Metro Cash&Carry - Sales Executive

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07 Juin 2008
METRO Jinjiang Cash & Carry Co -
Sales executive B to B

Type :Stage
Lieu :Chine ( Shanghai )
Duree :6 mois minimum
Debut :Des que possible

Descriptif Mission:

Sales executive position

- Customer development : 

*visit target group of customer to introduce METRO business concept and offerings
*Organise store visit and orientation of target customer
*Gather and provide solutions to customers needs

*Maintain data base customers

- Sales development :
*Plan and execute sales activities and customer approach according to METRO Business concept and target.
*Work closely with other function to get support in term of assortment, price, quality in store service and data
*Deliver results on a sustained basis

La personne postulante doit etre a l aise avec l anglais (si possible le chinois) et doit posseder de reelles competences en negociation.

Email pour postuler: st12_iam.cn@metro.com.cn