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Offre stage en ONG: Responsable Communication a Shanghai Young Bakers

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par Shanghai Young Bakers, 15 Fev 2012.

  1. Shanghai Young Bakers

    Shanghai Young Bakers Membre Bronze

    3 Nov 2011
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    A Shanghai Young Bakers, nous cherchons un stagiaire a mi- ou plein-temps pour prendre la responsabilite de la comm' externe de SYB, pour au moins 4 mois. L'occasion de mieux comprendre l'univers des ONGs en Chine et s'approprier des outils et techniques de communication, au sein d'une petite equipe dynamique!
    N'hesitez pas a faire un tour sur notre site web ou a nous contacter directement pour plus d'informations.

    Shanghai Young Bakers

    The program – Shanghai Young Bakers (SYB)

    Shanghai Young Bakers (SYB) provides a fully-sponsored training in traditional French bakery to underprivileged Chinese youth aged 17 to 21, enabling them to lead independent lives after graduation.
    For a full intro, please visit our website : www.shanghaiyoungbakers.com

    Internship Position –Communication & Events Manager

    Shanghai Young Bakers strives to improve understanding of its actions and promote its brand through a professional communication strategy. To this effect, SYB regularly organizes and/or participates in activities that increases awareness of the program, celebrates important landmark events in the students’ lives, thanks the partners and sponsors, and/or raises funds for equipment or specific costs.

    The intern would be responsible for managing all External Communication work as well as organize, promote and follow up SYB events, under the guidance of the SYB program manager and with the help of volunteers.

    Time commitment: at least 30 hours/week, for a minimum period of 5 months from mid-March 2012 onwards.

    Main responsibilities:

    SYB events organization
    • Find appropriate venue, negotiate terms
    • Together with other volunteers, brainstorm ideas to increase participation / media visibility / raise funds. Implement ideas/activities as decided.
    • Prepare all the related promotional material: brochures, kakemonos, namecards, press kits, t-shirts, aprons, photos…
    • Invite all SYB partners and follow-up response to ensure maximum participation.
    • Coordinate main partners’ speech and translation arrangements
    • Invite media, write press release, follow-up on journalists participation & subsequent media coverage
    • Lead team of volunteers in the preparation and execution of events: coordinate resources, assign roles, supervise execution
    F&B / bakery / social events participation
    • Stay updated on 1) key F&B and bakery events in Shanghai by keeping close contact with French trade commission and other SYB partners, 2) important NGO & charity events (networking, seminars…) in Shanghai by keeping close contact with partner charity associations
    • Represent SYB and/or organize program’s and/or students’ participation in these events; organize activities (breadtasting, awareness, fundraising)
    External communication
    • Act as Newsletter Chief Editor; design and write SYB monthly newsletter
    • Work with professional PR partner to regularly update media contacts list and design press releases when needed; manage press coverage and update media coverage kit, promote SYB to Chinese and foreign media
    • Manage and update the SYB website
    • Help design, write and/or update content for all online communication (SYB website, social networks like Facebook, Weibo, Renren…)
    Partners & communication
    • Promote sponsors through related events and reports, give regularly updates to sponsors and partners on their media visibility through SYB.
    • Work closely with the Communication & PR Directors of sponsors and selected HR partners (4 & 5-star hotels) to design a customized corporate communication plan.
    • Organize promotional events and write customized reports and articles for these partners
    • Design and present possible communication plans for potential sponsors and partners; organize corporate bakery events for sponsors when appropriate.
    Position requirements:

    • Dedication to work in a growing international non-profit organization, interest in social issues and learning more about NGO operations in a Chinese environment
    • Keen to gain experience in Communication and Corporate PR
    • Fluent in English. Working level in Chinese. Knowledge of French will be an advantage.
    • Good communication and interpersonal skills
    • Str0ng organizational skills, detail-oriented, a good planner
    • Technical knowledge and experience in maintaining a website will be appreciated
    • Enjoy working both within a team and independently
    • Ability / skills in leading and managing a team appreciated
    Internship conditions:

    • Report to experienced French project manager with good understanding of Chinese practices
    • Work closely with volunteers from different nationalities and backgrounds
    • Flexibility in working either from home or at Chi Heng Foundation’s Shanghai office with Chi Heng permanent staff.
    • Transportation and phone allowance (500 RMB/month). Due to tight resources, there is no other financial compensation for this internship position.
    • Dependant on intern’s level of dedication and success in raising funds, s/he may, upon completion of the internship, receive an end-of-assignment bonus or be offered to participate in a trip visiting Chi Heng children’s rural homes.
    • SYB can help with visa if needed.
    Contact us:

    If interested, please send us your application by email on manager @ shanghaiyoungbakers . com. Please indicate your motivation, availability, relevant experience and include a CV. Thank you!
  2. Shanghai Young Bakers

    Shanghai Young Bakers Membre Bronze

    3 Nov 2011
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    erratum: le poste est vacant a partir du 1er mars!

    erratum: le poste est vacant a partir du 1er mars!

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