[Offre] Recruit Senior Consultant (Internet and New Media Oriented)


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14 Juil 2007
Job Description

Job Title: Senior Consultant (Internet and New Media Oriented)

Report to: Managing Partner China

The Firm:
Equancy is a specialized marketing consultancy firm that helps marketing and communications directors of leading Fortune 500 companies succeed in a complex and rapidly evolving marketplace.

We provide intelligence, knowledge, insight and support to help our clients optimize their marketing investments in the most appropriate, most effective, measurable business solutions that achieve their business goals.

Our specializations:
- Business Intelligence: Customer and prospect data analysis, statistical modelling, segmentation & targeting, surveys management, Marketing Information Systems selection and implementation
- Customer Centric Marketing: Customer acquisition and retention strategies, service quality, voice of the customer analysis and exploitation, marketing programs, customer service
- Branding : Brand positioning, brand portfolio & investment management, brand architecture, brand performance measurement
- New Marketing Technologies & Internet : Corporate and business Internet strategy, Internet spending optimization, interactive Marketing and e-business management
- Market intelligence: market watch on product or on competitors

Our clients are international leaders in their industries, such as Nissan, Total, Axa, Lafarge, Club Med or SFR.
More information at www.equancy.com

The Mission:
With the support of Paris headquarters management & team, the Senior Consultant will assist the Managing Partner China,
- develop Equancy’s business in China
- support existing European clients
- conduct projects from A to Z

[FONT=(Utiliser une police de caractè]- [/FONT]5 to 10 years of experience in marketing and communication oninternet
[FONT=(Utiliser une police de caractè]- [/FONT]Good business sense
[FONT=(Utiliser une police de caractè]- [/FONT]Solid academic background (studies in Marketing, Economics, Finance, Engineering, etc. from a recognized university)
[FONT=(Utiliser une police de caractè]- [/FONT]Well-rounded knowledge of the Chinese market and business context
[FONT=(Utiliser une police de caractè]- [/FONT]Good communication skills
[FONT=(Utiliser une police de caractè]- [/FONT]Fluent in English, French or Chinese is a plus

Other competencies:

[FONT=(Utiliser une police de caractè]- [/FONT]Auto motivated, dynamism

[FONT=(Utiliser une police de caractè]- [/FONT]Good capacity of analysis and synthesis

[FONT=(Utiliser une police de caractè]- [/FONT]Rigor, open minded

[FONT=(Utiliser une police de caractè]- [/FONT]Autonomy


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