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Offre Emploi : Un(e) Video Designer ( Nationalité Chinoise)

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par Stephanie Skyzone, 28 Fev 2013.

  1. Stephanie Skyzone

    Stephanie Skyzone Nouveau Membre

    29 Nov 2012
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    Skyzone Le Group, Société de communication, recherche pour son agence de Shanghai

    Un(e) Video Designer
    de nationalité Chinoise
    pour un poste à temps complet.

    ci dessous le descriptif du poste.
    Merci de répondre par mail à l'adresse suivante: stephanie@skyzonelegroup.com

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities
    Key responsibilities

    • Responsible for the concept, design, formatting, and execution of video materials under the direction of the art director and production director.
    • Able to write scripts in adequacy with the wishes of customers
    • Plan, record and edit video material.
    • Create and place motion graphics.
    • Ability to visualize production scripts and other verbal or written instructions.
    • Work closely with the team to facilitate on-time delivery of professional, cost-effective video courses
    • Work with production managers to maintain schedules, manage priorities, maintain high quality standards, and work within budget.
    • Prioritize and manage multiple projects simultaneously.
    • Maintain confidentiality of themes, directions, pricing, vendors, tactics, and marketing materials.
    • Regular attendance in accordance with schedule.

    Consultative Responsibilities

    • Professionally serve and consult clients in production
    • Serve as a consulting resource to Marketing team regarding design guidelines and details
    • Maintain and improve clients corporate style guide
    • Serve as quality control and consistency for corporate branding

    Personal Competence

    • Very attentive to detail.
    • Good problem solving skills.
    • Avid visual/aesthetic eye for both text and video
    • Must be proficient in an video editing, motion design, colour correction and sound editing software
    • Working with and have a great understanding of light.
    • Have a systematic and organized workflow and able to handle multiple tasks.
    • Assumes additional responsibility without being asked
    • Good technical cognition and knowledge.
    • Motivated team worker who instinctively provides creative inspiration and out-of-the-box thinking.
    • Ability to communicate effectively and make presentations. Contribute to a positive team environment.
    • Ability to take direction and work in a creative team environment both independently and when directed, overtime work when needed.
    • Ability to accept criticism and rework.
    • In a self-directed work environment; adept at re-prioritizing.
    • Upholds established data management and work flow systems.
    • Well-versed in post-production best practices.
    • Have a positive outlook.

    • Mandarin and English speaking.

    Education and/or Experienced

    • Bachelor’s degree in video production or related discipline preferred from an accredited university.
    • Minimum of four (4) years of business experience in an agency, corporate advertising, or marketing department.
    • Must possess a Str0ng portfolio of work.
    • Communication work.
    • Managing and enforcing deadlines successfully--on time and on budget
    • Maintaining quality control as production scales.
    • In a fast-paced, start-up environment.


    • Experience with graphic design.
    • Experience with CSS.
    • Digital photography.
    • Experience and knowledge about server based workflow.

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