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Offre Emploi -General Manager Assistant – Admin Supervisor(Chinese Nationality)

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par fazhou, 25 Mar 2013.

  1. fazhou

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    21 Mar 2013
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    AXE China – Job Description
    General Manager Assistant – Admin Supervisor

    The company:
    AXE group has 30 years experience in mechanical high level assembly for complex and critical equipment such as Medical imaging and similar devices. AXE group has 4 factories in the world and achieve about 40 Million euro sales per year. In 2012, AXE Group opened a 100% foreign invested subsidiary in China named吴江法轴精密机械有限公司. Factory is certified ISO9001, and activities are starting up.

    Position: Admin Supervisor – GM assistant

    主要责任 - General Responsibilities:
    Coordinate all administration matters and support Plant manager and GM in their daily tasks.

    上司 Supervisor: General manager

    下属 Direct Report: None

    主要任务- Main tasks to perform:

    • Sales administration and coordination:

    • Manage all customer orders and payments
    • Follow up all order and customer needs and satisfaction
    • Prepare invoice (Under AXE china GM supervision)

    • Human resources and Office supervision

    • Perform recruitments as per GM requirements
    • Maintain office fixtures and general organization and cleanliness
    • Government offices management: Taxes, Custom,…
    • Quality Insurance (ISO9000): procedure creation and follow up for all admin related issues.
    • Import/export coordination with france

    • Accounting / Finance

    • Cashier functions, Cash management
    • Prepare regular financial reporting for Headquarter and top management according company formats.
    • Relation with banks and government department (tax, customs…)

    • Purchase management and coordination:

    • Purchase order and payment management (Under AXE china GM supervision)

    Candidate Requirements:

    • Diploma in Business Management or Accounting/financial related diploma in French university or school
    • Interest in technical matters, If possible, experience of support functionbas HR, Purchase, knowledge in accounting, good excel user.
    • Fluent in English and French.
    • 1-3 years working experience maximum.
    • Flexible and eager to learn. Problem solver. Entrepreneur spirit. Independent.
    • Jiangsu/Suzhou area candidate preferred but not necessary, must be willing to relocate in Wujiang/ pingwang.


    Tel: 051263402180

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