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offre d'emploi marketing et sales Manager!

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par Martinlikeswines, 28 Oct 2011.

  1. Martinlikeswines

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    12 Mai 2011
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    Cette offre de stage vous est proposée par www.shanghai-student-services.com, agence de placement de stagiaires et de recrutement de profils juniors en Chine. Des frais de placement sont à prévoir, consultez notre site internet ou contactez nous par email : stage@isa-g.com pour avoir plus d’informations sur nos services et les opportunités que nous pouvons proposer.

    Job position: marketing and sales manager

    The company

    The company has been created 6 years ago and is employing 40 people. It provides private tai chi and yoga lesson as well as massage and skin care. The activities take place in Jing An area as well as in Pudong, in the famous area. Services provided by the company are high quality. Luxury wild describe quite well the standard and the level of services. Customers are half Chinese and half expatriate, with a lot of French and German. Offices are comfortable.
    The manager is nice, cam speak great English, like teachers working for the company. She is willing to work with a team composed of foreigners.

    Your mission

    Your mission, as marketing manager of the company is to build and apply a marketing plan to increase the number of foreign customers using services, in one word, promote the company. The company is currently growing and trainees are needed for a long term mission. The marketing manager will have to build a complete strategy for the company which is willing to expand its market. The person in charge will also have to search for new customers, individuals as well as corporate people from companies.

    The manager will have to establish marketing plans to promote the 3 different brands. Creating a new brand will also one of the new goals given to the team.

    The marketing manager has to be able to manage a team of 2 assistants, give them work and goals.

    The payment

    The payment of the trainee/ employee will start between 6000 and 7000 yuans per month, depending on his/her abilities at the beginning, with 1500 to 1800 yuans of commission per new customer. This opportunity is a real career and payment will be increased with responsibilities.


    This job is made for junior profiles freshly graduated from a business school or equivalent, who wants to start a real career in Shanghai or acquire a Str0ng and rewarded experience of luxury market in China.


    Trainee/ employee needed can be a male or a female, it doesn’t matter. The person has to be serious, good looking, implicated in the business, with a great sense of communication. The applicant has to show a high level of dynamism and energy. French profiles are really appreciated. Communication skills and ability to make new contacts are needed.

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