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Offre d'emploi: Business Development Manager LCI Shanghai

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par lciasia, 21 Nov 2011.

  1. lciasia

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    21 Nov 2011
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    Job Description Position: Business Development Manager

    LCI, with 240 associates and 11 sites in France, Luxembourg and China, LCI Group is where cutting-edge skills are combined to meet the requirements of industrial and commercial companies operating in areas of high technology.We are seeking a Business Development Manager for LCI CHINA, someone who can manage and build new relationships.

    You'll be expected to:

    • Working with individuals in industrial markets, manufacturers and sub-contractors.
    • Gain knowledge of and penetrate major industrials and sub-contractors in the Chinese market.
    • Analyze, develop and deliver customized value propositions.
    • Define business priorities through a broad and strategic market and technology needs, to include initiating and managing business development activities that will strengthen, expand and drive market penetration.
    • Interactions normally will involve penetrating customer account at a upper management level.
    • Should be comfortable making major decisions regarding business development matters that will have a serious impact on the overall profitability of company operations.

    Desired Skills & Experience Requirements:
    • Minimum 5 years of progressively advancing account management and/or business development experience.
    • Prefer knowledge of industrial markets in the Chinese market.
    • Demonstrated ability to successfully influence senior level management, executives and key clients.
    • Demonstrated knowledge of building complex services and outsourcing solutions.
    • Str0ng negotiation and interpersonal skills, including the ability to communicate on all levels within internal and external groups.
    • Ability to work efficiently and meet aggressive deadlines.
    • Value based selling skills with the ability to analyze customer situation then develop and present solutions.
    • Must have excellent oral and written communication skills and the flexibility to operate well in a rapidly changing and often high-stress environment.
    • Must have proven track record in managing cross-functional teams, Business Development, Sourcing, Program Management, and Legal.
    • Understands P&L requirements.
    • Degree in related field with Str0ng market knowledge.
    • Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint skills.
    • Chinese proficiency required.
    • Ability to travel as needed.

    Company Description
    LCI combines project management and technicality by enhancing in-house teams and potential local contractors through win-win partnerships.Our work consists of:
    • Putting in place IT solutions to manage information systems at the integration, installation, skills transfer and maintenance stages.
    • Developing multilingual technical training and promoting the global development of our clients' products/services.
    • Documenting products and services in a wide range of languages.
    • Designing, developing and maintaining "showcase" websites and multilingual commercial websites.
    • Designing, developing and producing communication materials.
    • Translating commercial, marketing, financial, banking, technical documents (medical, automobile, aeronautics, IT, etc.)
    • Designing and developing Document Information Systems.
    [HR][/HR]Please send your applications to Vincent COULOM, International Business Development Manager, at the following address: vincent.coulom@lci-asia.com. Thank you very much.
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