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Offre d'emploi a canton : Services des achats (Europe import/export trading company)

Discussion dans 'Annonces Emploi à Canton et Stages' créé par CNPFACTORY, 23 Mai 2012.


    CNPFACTORY Apprenti

    23 Mai 2012
    Guangzhou - Tianhe
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    Position Name:
    Procurement Manager

    Working Location:
    Tian He, Guangzhou, China

    Starting date:

    Send CV with picture at:

    Guangzhou CNPF
    Company was established in 1992 in Hong Kong and later company hasopened our 1[SUP]st[/SUP] buying office in Guangzhou since 1994.

    Our main business is export the commodityfrom China to EUROPE (France, Germany,Spain,Sweden etc…) for some chain stores, supermarket, garden center and otherimporters. Our product lines include: household decoration, in door and outdoor furniture, Christmas and Garden decoration etc…

    Our office is located in the City Center ofGuangzhou in the district of TIANHE and it is just 5 minutes from the Pa ZhouExhibition center, where the one of the biggest fair in the World, the CantonFair is holding.

    Due to the rapid expansion, we are nowlooking for the qualified candidate to reinforcethe team and share our values.

    Skillsand Qualifications required

    - Female, French Nationality
    - Under 35years old
    - University graduate
    - Interested to work and live in China
    - Fluent in spoken and writtenEnglish. Speak chinese is an advantage
    - Good communication skills andgood sense of organization
    - Dynamic, responsible, serious,independent, hardworking, honest
    - Ability to anticipate problem,avoid, or solve them.
    - Proficient PC skills
    - Have Import-Export field relatedexperiences is a plus

    Job Description:

    Planning &Reporting
    This person directs the process which includes the planningof procurement, quality control and shipment. She ensures that every Chinese merchandiserare following up the orders correctly and ensures every step of the process isfunctioning effectively to avoid costly delays and lost sales opportunities tothe customer. She need to analyze and complies technical specifications ofproducts. The first and most important requirement is planning. Timing is veryimportant. If we cannot ship out the goods on time then it will affect theclient’s sales plan and advertising plan and create loses to the client.
    Prepare and manage the monthly procurement and shipmentreports.

    Communication and maintain relationship

    The next requirement is communication. The person mustcommunicate her needs and objectives to buyers and merchandisers in procurementprocess. This will help the entire team understand the needs of client, the timingrequired and individual input necessary to make the process run smoothly. Anymiscommunication of expectations could generate delays and loses.
    This post must managethe good relationships between different buyers and departments internally andthe suppliers. She must keep the services flowing smoothly. Relationshipbuilding is important in maintaining this high level of service and quality.

    Cost Reduction, Process Improvement and Quality Assurance

    Cost reduction and process improvement is an ongoingrequirement for this post. If we can find a cheaper product from a newsupplier, without jeopardizing quality, then the change should be made. If aprocess can be improved or sped up, then productivity could possibly beincreased. This ongoing task is continually being examined as cost reductionsand increases in productivity usually equal higher profits.
    Assure the quality of the product is the heart of thisindustrial, she also need to performs on-site inspection or negotiation whenneeded.


    She will train, develop, mentor and assist her subordinateswho include: the Chinese merchandiser team and quality inspectors in all of thedepartments that fall within the procurement. It is essential that the variouscomponents of the team function effectively. Constant process and employeereview is needed to ensure that the process stays cost effective. It is aboutmaking the processes of procurement, quality control, shipment as costeffective as possible. The procedures must be continually evaluated in order tosupply better and cheaper goods and on-time shipment.

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