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Offre de stage Sales & Marketing AEMBA

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par Nikhaulahts, 26 Nov 2009.

  1. Nikhaulahts

    Nikhaulahts Membre Bronze

    27 Oct 2008
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    Marketing assistant of AEMBA program
    6 -12 Months
    Shanghai, China
    Job description
    · Full time.
    · Promote two AEMBA programs: MBA and EMBA. Target clients: non-Chinese managers and entrepreneurs in China and Asia-Pacific region.

    JD1. Establish new marketing channels targeting non-Chinese people.
    JD2. Recruit non-Chinese participants.
    JD3. Promote the image of Euromed Marseille in defined region
    JD4. Smooth the communication between foreign and Chinese MBA participants (one-day/month).
    JD5. Responsible for English version of AEMBA.com.cn web site, and English and French version of communication materials.

    · Bilingual (English and French). Some other languages (such as Chinese, Germany or Spanish) are preferable but not compulsory.
    · Mature. Both good at independent and team work.
    · Str0ng capability of communication. Need to communicate with middle to senior managers, media, and key accounts.
    · Some experience of marketing and/or sales
    · Good analytical skill
    Background of AEMBA
    · AEMBA (Antai – Euromed Marseille MBA), cooperation between Shanghai Jiaotong University in China and Euromed Marseille Ecole de Management in France, was launched in 2003. More than 260 participants are recruited over last 5 intakes, among which 24% are international participants and 85% are from MNCs. AEMBA has enjoyed "word of mouth" advocacy. In 2007 intake, 55% new participants are recommended by friends and alumni. The most distinguished feature is its specialization. Two tracks “Finance” and “Global Management” are highly attractive to middle to senior managers who are encountering career bottlenecks. In 2008, a double-degree EMBA program will be launched. Project proposed by top managers will be realized by the end of this cutting-edge program, through the interaction between high profile participants, faculties and consultants.
    · For complementary information: please visit www.AEMBA.com.cn

    Salary and remuneration
    · Local salary 3000 RMB/month
    · Compensation on national business trip, participation of business events.
    · Quarterly and annual bonus based on the performance.
    · Package negotiable, based on competency of applicant.
    Please send your Resume and Motivations to:

    Peggy Yang
    AEMBA marketing Manager,
    AEMBA, Room 207, 535 Fahuazhen road near dingxi road, Shanghai, Changning area.

    Email: AEMBA@sjtu.edu.cn


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