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  2. Il est important d'être conscient que le statut de stagiaire n'existe pas réellement pour les étrangers dans la plupart des provinces de Chine.

    Pour plus d'infos, voir : Stage en Chine / à Shanghai : légal ? quel visa ?

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Offre de stage: Sales & Admin Assistant (Mustela Chine)

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par annewang, 4 Juil 2012.

  1. annewang

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    4 Juil 2012
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    Company Introduction:
    Laboratories Expanscience is an independent pharmaceutical and cosmetics laboratory, which has built up a solid expertise in the sectors of health and well-being since its creation in 1950. We now have an extensive range of activities in rheumatology, dental care, dermatology, dermo-cosmetics and the marketing of active cosmetic ingredients. We deploy our expertise, notably in the field of plant extraction, and our knowledge of the mechanisms for development and repair of connective tissues.
    The company’s success is based on the development of innovative products, carried by well known brands through worldwide distribution: Mustela, Piascledine 300, etc. For over 60 years we have been committed to constant innovation, striving to meet the needs of patients and consumers in France and other countries.
    Dermo-Cosmetics attests to the company’s ability to continually improve products for over 60 years. As the European leader in baby care and stretch-mark care products sold in pharmacies, the Mustela brand constantly innovates to provide the best possible skincare for pregnant women, young mothers and babies.
    Job profile:
    Assist China Representative on daily operation.
    Assist to coordinate with the internal and exterior companies (business partners/local authorities).
    Assist partners to fulfill the marketing activities.

    Last year of College or above degree, with sense of responsibility. Relevant experience in cosmetic industry is preferred.
    Good communication skills, enthusiasm.
    A team player and conscientious person.
    Fast learner and driven individual.
    Good command of Excel, Word and and Internet.
    Good English & Mandarin, French is not necessary but is preferable.

    Please send your CV to Anne Wang: xwang@expanscience.com
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