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Offre de stage Relations Industrielles

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par lovelyday, 15 Juin 2009.

  1. lovelyday

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    18 Jan 2009
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    Reinforcing political, economic, cultural but also technological and scientific ties between China and the European Union is capital, therefore it appeared necessary for Shanghai University along with its partners in France (universities of technology of Belfort-Montbeliard, Compiegne and Troyes) to co-establish the Sino-European School of Technology of Shanghai (in French: UTSEUS). This establishment has been approved by the French and Chinese ministries of education and is lawfully attached to Shanghai University located on Baoshan Campus.

    The aim of the UTSEUS programme is to establish and further develop a university platform with international scope in China, based on the French model of engineering schools, and more particularly technology universities. UTSEUS has been able to combine assets from both Chinese and French partners and applies these to three main prerogatives:
    -developing industrial relations

    In order to help with its development (800 students, including 30 foreign students in September 2009), UTSEUS is looking to take on an Industrial Relations Intern for 6 months from September 2009.

    The intern will be placed under the supervision of the French Deputy Director who is in charge of a team of 5 and regarding all affairs related to its cooperation with European partners. The intern will provide assistance to Chinese and European students in their search for internship positions and jobs on the Chinese soil (~60 engineer students in 4th or 5th years of study). The intern will be responsible for the following tasks under the orders of the deputy director:

    Reinforcing initiatives in the field of industrial relations:
    - prospecting and contacting companies to widen our spectrum of partners
    - organising and participating in forums themed on University and companies cooperation
    - organising and accompanying company visits for UTSEUS students
    - organising interventions delivered by industrialists or the UTSEUS student body
    - database management
    Providing teaching support
    - organising a workshop in cooperation with the representatives of the Sino-European programme in the field of engineering science
    - design a database for Mandarin-French-English terminology in order to assist Chinese students in understanding the French and English taught classes they attend and another database in English, French and Mandarin for terminology for life on campus.

    - candidate should show real interest for international cooperation in higher education and in particular in the field of engineering science
    - ability to work in an international, multicultural, multilingual team (English, French and Mandarin)
    - have deep understanding of Chinese culture
    - good communication skills in a business context
    - excellent written & oral command of English (international certificate), functional ability in Mandarin (HSK level 3 preferable).
    -ability to work independently
    -well-organised and attentive to detail
    -working knowledge of all office suit software (eg: Filemaker, Excel,...)

    An internship agreement will be drawn-up for this Shanghai-based position and compensation amounts to RMB 3000/month.
    Please send applications in English to:
    Dr Michel Grenié
    Please specify the position you are applying for in your reply.

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