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Offre de stage (Janvier 2012): Market research Analyst

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par madleen, 9 Nov 2011.

  1. madleen

    madleen Apprenti

    10 Avr 2011
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    Company: Emerging Asia (Market Research- Market Intelligence)

    Location: Shanghai

    Period: January/February 2012 to June 2012 (3-5months)

    Roles and responsabilities: The Analyst Intern usually works closely with the company’s Consulting team and President to assist in a variety of tasks and initiatives.
    There are two major areas of responsibility: Consulting & Research, and Business Development

    1. Consulting & Research activities involve working alongside our Consultants on specific consulting projects for clients, as well as in assisting with the development of other business research and market intelligence products and services. Fluency in Mandarin (at least 3 years of study at the University level) is a requirement for research related tasks. Interns who are not fluent in Chinese may still get involved with consulting projects in other ways, but their exposure will be more limited.
    - Work with Consultants in conducting business research using a variety of methods such as online sources, phone interviews, and face to face interviews
    - Write up research notes and conduct further analysis, triangulation of information
    - Create detailed reports in Word or PowerPoint
    - Create Executive Summary presentations
    - Conduct financial analysis and build models if required for a project
    - Edit / proof documents produced by other members of the team who are not native English speakers
    - Manage data on our internal and external websites
    - Conceptualize and launch a ‘special project’ to help the company develop an expertise, service, or promotion that did not previously exist (for longer term internships)
    - Participate in, or lead in the creation of new product & service initiatives, and creating compelling new service extensions for existing clients (for longer term internships)

    2. Business Development activities involve working directly with the Business Development Manager and/or the company’s President to assist in a variety of tasks and initiatives. Fluency in Chinese is not required.
    - Identify potential clients & how we can assist them
    - Prepare briefing documents related to particular companies and overall industries
    - Create company pitch-books and marketing material
    - Promote Emerging Asia’s services through marketing campaigns involving online marketing, periodicals advertising, conferences and industry events etc.
    - Update content on our CRM system and website
    - Create compelling new service extensions for existing clients (for longer term internships)
    - Conceptualize and launch a ‘special project,’ i.e., a new product & service initiative that did not previously exist (for longer term internships)

    Skill set:
    - US, CAN, or EU citizen
    - Bachelors or Masters degree candidate with rigorous coursework experience
    - Age 21 or above
    - Minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA and 3.5 major GPA
    - Str0ng command of business terminology
    - Excellent work ethic and professionalism.
    - Can provide contact information of references (professors and/or former employers) upon request.
    - Attention to detail
    - Self-starter, problem-solver
    - Knowledge of, and demonstrated interest in China/Asia related business, even if no prior business-related work experience in China
    - Prior research and writing experience through internships and/or independent academic coursework in political science, economics, other social sciences, and finance

    Work experience: 0-1 year

    Salary range (in RMB per month): 1500 RMB

    Contact: Madleen FALH, Analyst at Emerging Asia
    email: mfalh@emerging-asia.com


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