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Offre Emploi NPI (New Project Introduction) / PM (Production Methods) Departments – Deputy Manager

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par FCE, 7 Fev 2014.

  1. FCE

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    5 Juil 2012
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    Company: FC Electronics Co., Ltd – ALTYOR Group & DEF Group
    Position: NPI (New Project Introduction) / PM (Production Methods) Departments – Deputy Manager
    Starting Date: As soon as possible
    Location: Shanghai, CHINA

    Company Profile:
    FC Electronics Co., Ltd. is an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company specialized in the industrialization & production of complete electronics products including PCBA, plastic & mechanical parts as well as packaging. The company is a Joint-Venture between 2 French groups:
    - DEF, leader in the fire detection market in France
    - ALTYOR, leading group in the OEM/ODM industry in France

    Company Context:
    With recent business acquired, the company will double its size within 2014 with a major focus on the manufacturing of smoke detector & home automation products and is therefore looking to hire an extremely motivated Deputy NPI/PM Departments Manager.

    Main duties:
    The definition of New Project Introduction –electronics or mechanical products– in the company, includes:
    - Manage new project quotations of PCBA & finished products, including their mechanical parts & packaging. Define solutions (packaging / methods / etc.) if no specifications from customers.
    - Develop & validate the first samples through direct communication with customers & suppliers through specific controls & methods defined by the company and / or the customers. Analyses samples and follow up corrective action plan.
    - Follow every production for critical products determined by the company and travel to suppliers’ location to control their processes.
    - Define assembly / testing tools for newly introduced products according to customer's specifications.
    - Implement the mass production launch of newly introduced products and create/update any control documents (CD) according to company needs for new products and old product updates.
    - Organize project follow up meeting to ensure the project actions and deliverables are executed on schedule.
    - Ensure efficient communication with customer and report regularly the project achievement progress.

    The definition of Production Methods includes:
    - Draft and finalize the Work Instructions (WI) necessary to implement the mass production of products.
    - Design the production lines and implement their organizations in the workshops.
    - Define methods & packaging for organizing products on pallets.
    - Define the Incoming, Outgoing or In-Process Quality Controls for specific products.
    - Participate & prepare audits such as NF / ISO / CCC / BSCI.
    - Manage the creation and the database of internal ERP numbers.
    - Define toolings allowing efficiency gains on production lines.

    Manage fairly and efficiently affected employees. Tasks may be added to above list according to company evolution and project development/follow-up.

    Job Requirements:
    - Master degree in Electronic Engineering
    - Previous experience in manufacturing is a plus
    - Self-motivated, proactive and comfortable in industrial and technical environment
    - Solid problem solving and analytical skills
    - Str0ng interpersonal abilities and communication skills
    - Str0ng organizational skills (Project, time management)
    - Customer-oriented behavior
    - Excellent communications & team-spirit skills
    - Fluent in French
    - Excellent skills in English
    - The knowledge of Mandarin is a plus
    - Str0ng adaptability to Chinese & International environments
    - Proficiency in MS Office software

    Thanks to contact Mr. Alexandre PATARIN, NPI/PM Departments Manager, to schedule an interview:

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